Jun 28, 2018

Lovin' Life 28/6/2018: Then Along Came The Sun.

Sun on a Saturday afternoon.  Chores ahead of schedule.  No place in particular to be.

The planets aligned for me over the weekend and I could tick all of the above.

And guess what I did with myself?  I popped out the back door into the garden and raked the lawn in my red gumboots, saggy mum jeans and diamond knit scarf.  I almost waltzed with the rake the sun felt so good.  Actually, why didn't I?  I was in the privacy of my own backyard, after all.

It had been a grey and soggy week leading up to Saturday.  Work had been crazy.  My usual smooth(ish) juggling act of keeping the balls of parenting, adulting, school, work, downtime aloft had slipped.  I'm this close to a week off with its mixed emotions of frantically tying up loose ends before saying 'ciao for now' while knowing that I'll miss all of this while I'm away.

So much going on and seemingly no simple way of finding calm in its midst.

Then along came the sun.

There's alot to be said for living completely in simple but good moments like this.


  1. I swear there's something earthy and relaxing about gumboots too.

  2. Beautifully said. Sometimes feeling the sun and wearing red gumboots can be enough to still the overwhelm - even if it is just briefly.

  3. I hear you girlfriend! A little bit of sunshine can make such a difference. I particularly LOVE winter sunshine. The feel of it on my skin makes me so happy! It seems you're in the midst of busy days just as I am. Hope you continue to find some happy and calm moments! Take care SSG! xoxo #TeamLovinLife

  4. There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift our mood and I'm glad you put it to good use with a bit of raking and fresh air thrown in :)

  5. I so hope this week has gone as well as it could. Not keen on the K teachers sending home a journal for your K child to complete. It's school hols..and homework...do not let me say any more.
    Having some time off may be just the trick for you.
    Denyse x

  6. Amazing the difference a little touch of sunshine can make on a crazy week. Hope things get less stressful for you soon!


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