Jun 26, 2018

Wardrobe Eclectica.

There's one end of the built-in wardrobe in my bedroom that has an element of the mysterious to it.  I never really know what I'm going to find when I open the door and have a rummage around.  Spare party tablecloths, high-risk art supplies (high-risk because of the damage they could inflict if a five-year-old were to discover them and open them on his own) a spare pair of ugg boots with super sturdy soles.... 

I had a quiet Saturday afternoon the other week and the wardrobe was beckoning me. 

This is what I found...

My beige Kate Spade handbag that I thought I'd lost forever.  I bought it in New York a few years ago and the perfect occasion to use it never quite arose.  Now that it has emerged unscathed from the Bermuda Triangle of my wardrobe, the time to carry it would be immediately.

This beautiful deep plum coat from Jigsaw is one of the best things about winter dressing for me.  It hangs for most of the year, stroked every now and again by myself as I pass it over for more serviceable things like puffer and denim jackets but come late June, it really comes into its own.  Wearing it feels like a huge, comforting yet elegant hug.  It drapes just so and pulls together any work or dressy outfit. 

I know how this hard to find Smashers storage bus (which also features a fold-out playing field) came to be hidden where it was but I'm still struggling with the fact that I bought it off my own bat.  Master SSG is going to be stoked at the end of term on Friday which is when I plan to bring it out for him.

Last but not least in my wardrobe lucky dip is this packet of cardboard cut out from Kmart.  Kmart have totally nailed toys, arts, crafts and knick-knacks for several years now.   These dinosaurs are printed on a glossy card which was perfect for the high tech felt tips I had on hand.  I got creative and went disco with my dinos.  They all got manicures, dayglo eyeshadow and even some stick on pom pons.

This gold felt tip got quite a work out during our colouring-in session.  It's worlds apart from the Pilot brand gold and silver pens of my youth.  Do you remember them?  They had roller ball tips and you had to press it down to get the ink to release.  They also leaked gold or silver if you were a bit rough with them in your pencil case. 

The gold pens of 2018 colour like a normal felt tip and provide even metallic coverage without any leaks or blobs at all.  That's progress for you!

Do you have a corner of your wardrobe that's a treasure trove of eclectic delights?  What's the best thing you've found in it?

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  1. Oh yey for discovering that bag, and the cosy coat in just the right season!

    I have a little area in my wardrobe I squirrel away presents in too, so I smiled at the bus toy. I was looking for something while on the phone with my sister just the other day and I burst out laughing as I found a Christmas present I'd put away and forgotten about! Just as well it can be reused for another occasion and it's december specific, the giftee will have no idea I forgot to give them it at Christmas!


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