Jul 31, 2018

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day, July 2018.

Today's post is inspired by Jo Tracey's Sentence A Day posts that she does on a monthly basis. Except you know me, I can't write just one sentence so it's two sentences (or more) a day from me!

  1. Master SSG got his swimming ribbon for being able to swim from the platform before rolling over and floating.  Proud mum moment.
  2. My new microwave was delivered, installed and the old one removed in less than half an hour.  Love your work, Appliances Online.
  3. Got to the airport in time. 
    It's very soothing sitting here typing as planes depart around me.  Reminds me, need to get cracking booking the next work trip.
  4. It's so good to be back home at mum and dad's.  So relaxed already because mum and dad have forcibly (in the nicest possible way) taken over all my adulting responsibilities.
  5. Mum's new car is arriving today and I'm going to help her learn how to drive it.  Wish us both luck!
  6. Well that was an epic buffet dinner. Dessert included chocolate fondue with the chocolate coming from the most elaborate chocolate fountain I have ever seen in a hotel restaurant.
  7. Continuing the sweet life theme, Levi's Donuts at the Fremantle Markets are the bomb dot com.  
  8. Sad to be flying home but also looking forward to being in my own bed tonight.
  9. Hectic first day back at work but it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be.
  10. A day of getting things done.  I also baked with beetroot for the very first time.
  11. Looks like I'm heading to Berlin for work stuff this October.  Can't wait.
  12. Great pace on my run this morning.  I think I will make the entire course of the Sydney City to Surf after all - it's only a month away.  Eeekkk.
  13. A productive and efficient day at work.  Perfect way to end the working week.
  14. Got my tyres replaced.  A nail went right through one.  The good news is that because the mechanics filled the tyres with nitrogen I don't have to check my tyre pressures for SIX WHOLE MONTHS!!!!! 
  15. A beautifully sunny but cold day. 
    Started at the Tramshed Farmers Market before spending the afternoon at the Bastille Day Festival in The Rocks.
  16. Oh that was a cold start to the day, the special snowflake signal went off in my car because it was 4C outside.
  17. Sun, glorious sun!!  The laundry even dried completely on the line.
  18. Hit the ground running at work today.  Fell in love with basil pesto dip at our work morning tea...
  19. I did it. 
    Got my eyes tested.  My prescription hasn't changed and my retinal scans were great!  Yipeee!!!!!  I'm so relieved I'm giving myself five sentences today.
  20. So sleep deprived today because I got calls at all hours from work last night / this morning.  Here's to extra shot skinny caps!
  21. A perfect Saturday.  Sun, run and baking.
  22. Family, cuddles and chocolate cake.  What's not to love?
  23. When I write the minutes for a meeting, expect them to be very short.  Also, I'll count you as having attended said meeting even if you missed ao long as I saw you at work at some point of the day.
  24. First day of term three!  Our holiday report starring Larry the Lion, the kinder class 'pet', was a huge hit.
  25. I think I've overtrained for the city to surf.  Tried to conserve the function in my ankles by hitting the bike rather than the treadmill at the gym today.
  26. Phew, that ankle survived the treadmill for a second consecutive day.
  27. The joys of having an old house include the electrics.  Fortunately, I have a legendary electrician who has found a solution to the short circuits that happen here every winter. 
  28. I love my new glasses!  I'm this close to giving my contact lenses a bit of a holiday.
  29. Finally!  Done with work but not before I have to call IT to fix my password.  Took a record 10 minutes to get me back on track.  Thank you, IT!
  30. So much learned and so much discussed.  A pretty full on day but one that makes me love what I do even more.
  31. Tuesday.  My day off.  What's not to like?

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  1. Even if you didn't stick to the sentence a day, it's still a fun way to wrap up your month! Looks like you had a busy but fun one :)


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