Jul 28, 2018

Life Lately. A Mascara Called Caution, Amongst Other Things.

I took the need to pick up my Mecca Beauty Loop gift box as a sign and an excuse to drop some clams on a tube of Hourglass' new mascara.  It's proper name is Extreme Lash Mascara but I choose to call it Caution because that's the word that caught my eye on the packaging.

The mascara retails for $42 AUD and comes in a weighty gold triangular shaped tube.  It has a fine wand that's stiff enough to coat your lashes fully from base to tip. Currently the only shade available is Ultra Black and there is no specific mention on the packaging about it being waterproof or not.
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via Sephora 
That being said, the mascara lasted a whole day on me through a pretty hectic and long Friday.  I loved the length, definition and curl but a little volume for $42 and the mental energy required to find park at Westfield wouldn't have gone astray. While this is another high performance item from the Institute of Hourglass, I think my next dollars mascara purchase will be the even more provocatively titled Better Than Sex by Too Faced.

In further double entendre themed Mecca make up news, I can vouch for the staying power of Urban Decay's All Nighter make up setting spray too.  A deluxe sample was part of the gift box and it did an excellent job of keeping my makeup in place as my mind and body raced through life in general.  Which brings me to a slightly related thought.  Why can't there be an All Nighter + spray which would help you keep as firm a grip on the day as your makeup does to your skin?

I think someone at the gym knew I'd be struggling to find motivation to train with a sore right ankle and a stomach full of my mum's cooking.  I dug deep, held the post it note to my chest, took a selfie and then went hard on my exercise bike.

Diorama season has started at Kinder and a shoe box from home was required.

So I sent in this shoe box from my new pair of oxblood Sara suede heels from Trenery.  They were my first purchase from the brand and I think I'll be back soon for a closer look at the rest of the range.  I got them on sale and they're surprisingly comfortable for the heel height.  I wore them to the car on Friday with a pair of Bonds sockettes.  I even walked in them to school and back before I had to face facts.  I can't do a work day in heels no matter how great they make my legs outfit look so I switched back to my pair of black ballet flats.

Guess where I'm going in 62 days?  Hint.  It's not an American city.

As surprised as I am?  I'm going to Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!!

via audit.com.au

My tickets are booked as is my hotel. I'll be stopping over in Doha where I expect I'll have to prised off this staircase in Hamad Airport so that I can board my connecting flight.

In the meantime, I have work. Lots of it.  Thankfully, my new specs have arrived so they're easing the pain a bit.  

Be well.


  1. The L2 Mecca box has bts mascara in it, and you can buy a sample size for about $18. I gotta say I don’t luff bts- it’s hard to get off of an evening.
    Your L3 box looks great

  2. Enjoy Berlin! I've never been, but I'm looking forward to your updates from there! :)

    That post it was a sweet thing for someone to leave behind at the gym too!


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