Jul 16, 2018

Life This Week 16/7/2018: What Is Courage?

Courage feels and looks beautiful.

Courage is hitting rock bottom or seeing that worst fear materialise and then living to see the next day and the day after that. Often the days are filled with nothing fancy, special or heroic but the very fact that breaths are being taken and feet are being placed in front of each other is enough.

Courage is doing things that scare you as often as you can.

Courage is holding your head high and not being afraid of being different in how you look or think.

Courage is taking the plunge and knowing that you'll swim, not sink.

Courage is putting the past behind you and looking forward to bigger and better things.

Courage is exploring new places as a solo traveller.  A fun kind of courage to have, I find.

Courage is stepping out of your comfort zone.

Courage is putting the pieces back together no matter how painful the process may be. 

Courage is learning new things.

Courage is embracing the unscripted and the imperfect.

Courage is not fearing solitude because in this world, you never are truly alone.

Courage is letting go and setting free.


  1. Just perfect. Have a great week.

  2. Great descriptions! I think my favourite is 'Courage is doing things that scare you as often as you can'. I didn't realise it at the time but my dad us courage my talking us through doing things that we were scared of as kids. It instilled a bit of extra stubborness in me, I think. Where I get annoyed at my fear and try things anyway.

  3. Great post! Courage is so many different things to different people.

    I'd change one of your quotes however to 'courage is taking the plunge when you don't know if you will sink or swim and managing to swim anyway'.

  4. "Courage is putting the past behind you and looking forward to bigger and better things."

    This is what I'm trying to do at the moment (I basically need a new job and new house) but it's very easy to feel overwhelmed!!

  5. Love it! Stepping out of your comfort zone is always hard but so worth it.

  6. Fabulous SSG! You have nailed courage and just loved the photos accompanying each point. Have a great week!

  7. Courage is you, you is grouse.
    Courage is not being fearless but in pressing on despite being scared xx

  8. Yes! Love your description of courage and your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  9. YES, YES! Loved this and the photos. Oh the one breath at a time. I often forget it...and then of course, I breathe away. Love your insights. Thank you for a clever, concise and oh so thoughtful response!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 29/52. Next week's optional prompt is Share Your Snaps. Denyse

  10. Thanks, SSG, for sharing your insightful descriptions of courage.


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