Jul 9, 2018

Life This Week 9/7/2018: Holiday Mode Chat.

I'm still very much in holiday casual mode at the moment.  The fluidity of each day, the sleep-ins, the minimal amount of adulting I have to do each day.  It's been lovely to take a little break from Sydney and Sydney me this past week.  

I'm coming to you this week in a pretty relaxed fashion with a heap of photos from my camera I'm just going to chat around.

Let's see how this pans out.

I've done the impossible this year.  I've actually run out of scrap paper.  Over the years, I've gotten into the habit of collecting duds from my printer, junk mail that's only printed on one side of the page any other paper that's fit to be reused for shopping lists and other notes to myself.  I thought I had enough to last me well into at least 2020 but I obviously miscalculated.

So here I am.  Actually buying an exercise book to use as scrap paper.  This was a $3 job from Target and I love the retro look to its cover and how sturdy its binding is. It also had a red margin on each page.  Happy days!

I thought I'd escaped my annual attack of pleather hands this year but it's struck with a vengeance.  I've scrubbed them with sugar and olive oil, I've slept with them basted in Vaseline and then wrapped in old socks and I've even had to substitute my regular hand cream for a few drops of olive oil several times a day.

Fortunately, it all appears to be working and my hands aren't cracking or peeling anymore.  Just in time for me to get back to work and trash them again with my endless handwashing, glove wearing and alcohol handwash rubbing...

In light of the single-use shopping bag bans sweeping across our major retailers, I've dusted off a pair of my favourites from Ralphs a supermarket chain that kept me in fresh fruit when I was in LA earlier this year.  I love all the fruit and the subtle rainbow effect.

Closer to home, Kmart have some excellent food storage options to help me minimize my use of disposals.  The snack containers were $4 for the set, the mug $3 (pink and rose tones on this one so it is different to the charcoal themed ones I already own) and the stainless drink bottle $8.  The rose gold finish is actually hardier than that of more expensive versions of the bottle.  It also keeps drinks cold for a pretty impressive number of hours considering its price,

I played another round of wardrobe lucky dip this week.  It's always a good day when you find something sealed with a Neiman's label as well as a deluxe mascara sample from Stila.

Wild Fig and Cassis!!!!!  Perfect for the winter.

And look, I also found a large bar of Hermes soap from the Sofitel in Melbourne many moons ago.  The bathroom cabinet is looking pretty spendy right now.

I buy magazines so rarely these days, especially the fashion glossies because my life is so far removed from the content it's not even funny but I can never say no to a good Harper's freebie.  It was a makeup brush and sponge set this issue.

I did read the magazine, it would have been rude not to after opening my gift.  I admired the pretty pictures and lives conveyed on its pages.  I wasn't particularly motivated to buy or aspire to anything in the editorials and advertisements but it was a pleasant way to spend some time as I sipped my mug of tea.  What I do have, though, is a magazine we can contribute to the kindergarten request for them.  I am a lost cause to the world of fashion journalism, aren't I?

And on that note, I'm heading into my first day back at work post-holiday today.  It's going to be fine. 


  1. I don't think I'll ever run out of scrap paper! I have that many old notebooks and I always seem to be gifted some more each Christmas too!


  2. Kmart really does have some great stuff! I try not to go in there now haha.

  3. Hope your first day back at work after the break went well! :)

    If you haven't tried it, I find the Body Shop Hemp hand cream is awesome to tackle dry skin in winter. Sadly my eczema has progressed further the past few years so that's not helping as much as it used to, but I do still often have a tube of it in my bag so I can get a little extra moisture when I forget my regular cream.

  4. Great finds. I love a good dig around my drawers for little beauty treats!

  5. The line about the scrap paper and miscalculating made me LOL. Loving that notebook and for all the reasons you mentioned. And the BAZAAR freebie!? Well, that's literally the only reason I buy mags anymore.

  6. First day back..well it's been done and dusted now and hope it went well. I only asked my prosthodontist yesterday how they can wear those disposable gloves so much as they must get sweaty underneath and yes of course they do but seeing I sometimes have 3 hands in my mouth I am glad for the gloves.
    I used to bring home 'spare' craft A4 card from school...naughty..and they have been wonderful for when we cared for the grandkids. I notice we are almost out and no further supply available. Scrap paper and card...!!
    I have resorted to a spiral notebook next to the phone and my computer that I started prior to moving house and I dated each thing I organised like moving of telstra etc. It has been a boon as I can refer to it quicker than anything on line.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is What Is Courage? 29/52 Denyse

  7. That notebook is so cool! The inside reminds me of primary school when we used to have to rule a margin down one side and mine were always hopelessly crooked.


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