Jul 12, 2018

Lovin' Life 12/7/2018: Perth Is (More Than) Okay.

Perth, you're okay.  You're more than okay.  

You're fresh air, wide open spaces and a sky whose colour and texture changes with the breeze.

You're sleek new finds

and proud terraces houses reminding a recently upmarket suburb of its working class roots.

You're new trees that line the perimeter of purposefully built apartments, offices and train stations

but you're also delicately tall pine trees and manicured potted trees that dress the courtyards of repurposed sandstone cottages.

You are childhood memories reinvented.

I have fond memories of visiting the Fremantle markets after weekend swimming lessons and later on whilst on breaks from clinical attachments at the hospital up the road.

The rainbow coloured balloons, bunting and hammocks of my memories still festoon the wrought iron detailed verandahs surrounding the market building.

But the treatss inside have definitely referenced more recent fads and fashions, including the ubiquitous unicorn.

Seen here as the inspiration for a flavour of fudge.

The honey layer cake further along inside was proving a huge hit with market goers.

I couldn't find the Indian paisley printed, white fringed scarves we treasured as highschoolers back in the day but this wall of metallic knit scarves had me imagining the highschoolers of 2018 trawling the market for affordable accessories just as we did decades ago.

The adjacent food court is probably where we should have stopped for lunch initially rather than vainly looking for MacDonalds (it shut years ago, I'm told) before settling for Hungry Jacks (no comment).

Levi's is the bomb dot com when it comes to classic doughnuts.  It's worth the five-minute wait for a piping hot jam-filled doughnut.

Clutched in my now hot little hands (winter can be brutal, even in Perth), I wandered the other stalls as the jam in my doughnut cooled to a more comfortable temperature.

You can 'milk' these cows in the laneway outside the markets.

They were a huge hit with the children.

But Perth will first and foremost always be about family for me.  Firsts, new beginnings, happy memories remembered and new ones created.

Love you, Perth.


  1. Those are some really metallic scarves! Very funky.

  2. Perth is on my list SSG and I've heard many good things about the West. My husband used to visit with work and always enjoyed it except the Red Eye flight from Brisbane! Have a great week and enjoy! xx

  3. Looks like you had a good visit in your family home town. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I didn't realize you were a Perth girl in a previous life SSG. The Fremantle Markets have always been a favourite of mine too - I hate the parking issues in Freo, but once you're in there it's such a lovely way to while away a few hours. So glad you weren't disappointed with your visit.

  5. What a fun way to look at your town!!

  6. I've never been to Perth but I know many who love it and its surrounds! #teamlovinlife

  7. Perth and its surrounds are a beautiful place to live! I was lucky enough to be seconded there for work for 6 weeks and loved it!

  8. This is a wonderful post about Perth. I've been to Perth twice but particularly like the Fremantle area. It has some interesting shops and eateries with the superb location on the river and sea.

  9. Beautiful post. I'm glad you're enjoying your holiday in Perth and reminiscing a bit :)

  10. Perth looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing your hometown with us. Very lovely. #teamlovinlife

  11. Perth looks lovely. Did you buy some fudge? What flavour? I bought some recently at Mogo (another little village on the NSW South Coast) and it was chocolate and chili. It was soooooo good. #teamlovinlife


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