Jul 19, 2018

Lovin' Life 19/7/2018: Winter and Other Things.

Things I'm lovin' this week:

Being able to get warm in Sydney's big chill

It's officially Cold in Sydney right now.

Not just your regular puffer jacket and a large cup of tea to keep your hands warm bold but waking up in the morning to frozen water pipes cold.  I've been lucky enough (so far, touch wood) to have running super hot water every morning this winter but my heart goes out to my fellow Sydney siders who have had to survive the mornings with both frozen hands and no chance of a steaming hot shower.

New tyres

I found a nail in one of my tyres during the week while I was checking the pressures somewhat serendipitously.

It turned out that all four of my tyres needed replacing but silver linings, the people at JAX Tyres filled them all with some nitrogen so I'm get a six month leave pass until I next have to check them myself.  I also got a whole heap of frequent flyer points out of it too.

Aldi's mince and cold cuts

After settling the bill for my new tyres, I went on to get my bolognese ingredients sorted.

I was on a hunt for some bargains and found everything I needed for less than what I would have at Woolies.

Yes, I am one of those people who loves cured meat in a meat sauce.  I used salami and pancetta for this week's batch.

I brown my meats and saute my vegetables before slow cooking with the sauce ingredients and a parmesan rind for 6 hours or so.  It was just what I needed as the mercury rapidly dropped to 13C at 5pm on Saturday.  That is raw celery you're seeing, I was too lazy to make zoodles.

The Farmers' Market at theTramsheds

I'm on a roll with market visiting at the moment.

The Tramsheds have a growers market every Sunday between 8am and 2pm.

It's small, indoors and beautifully curated.

I rate the almond croissants at 11/10.

There were rainbow coloured caulis

and beautifully coloured and textured crackers to take your next cheese platter to the next level.

Speaking of cheese, there was also a tightly edited selection available as well.

As a side note, The Little Marionette's coffee is still as good as I remember it.  I do miss their hole in the wall cafe in Balmain.  Never mind.

Tempting cakes and jams were also on display.

I do like the Tramshed space and how the market utilizes space between eateries.  I felt a 'culinary insider' vibe as I browsed and bought from stallholders as the chefs and waiters busied themselves getting things ready for a busy Sunday.

Chocolates too beautiful to eat.

A pair of personalised easy chairs to sit in as you wait your turn at the barber.

I was very excited to find actual Australian garlic for sale.  The bulbs were enormous and there was very little skin to unpeel.  Guess who's a bit over supermarket garlic at the moment.  I was told my garlic will keep for 8 weeks in a cool dry place so I stocked up ahead of my family visiting and all the meals we will be making together.

This sachet of Herbie's Spices sweet paprika was from the Tramshed supermarket.  That's also a jewel with a combination of standard supermarket provisions and more exotically sourced bits and pieces.

What have you been lovin' about life this week?


  1. I've never tried cured meats in bognaise sauce...am now wondering what I've been missing!

  2. So close to home and i still haven't made it to the markets yet!

  3. Oooo those tramshed markets look great! Where are they located in Sydney? Your bolognaise looks so yum! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  4. I love the look of those markets. We don't really have anything similar in my small neck of the woods.

    My mum's a big fan of Aldi but I must admit I go to the Woolies or Coles which is closer and easier (I can call in on my way home from work).

    As for the cold, I have a bedroom aircon I've set to come on at 4.30am every day but it means I don't wanna get out of bed to dress and head to work! We've had a few 2-5C days lately which is unusual in my part of Qld!

  5. So much yum, that bolognese looks amazing! We are really enjoying the farmers markets here in Noosaville and also enjoying not going to the supermarket for anything much at all.

  6. The markets look great and I'd love to wander through them and buy some of the goodies on offer. We had our coldest day in Brisbane last Saturday and I think the whole City couldn't cope with 5C LOL:) Keep warm and I could not imagine pipes with frozen water and no hot shower - how spoiled am I. Have a great day, SSG. xx

  7. Whenever I visit Sydney or Melbourne (I live in the U.S.), one of the things I love are the plentiful patisseries and coffee shops with beautiful pastries in the window.

  8. The Tramsheds farmers' markets look great. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These markets look pretty cool but yes, it would be a big test of my self-control to not buy any of the sweet treats! Herbies spices are really good and you can also have them delivered :D


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