Jul 5, 2018

Lovin' Life 5/7/2018: Appliances Online and My New (Old) Microwave.

Farewell, first microwave I ever bought.  You were the first major electrical appliance I bought when I moved to Sydney in 2007 (!!).  Eleven years and many memorable moments later, it's time to say goodbye.  You tripped the mains switch twice in as many weeks so I knew it was time.

You've been there for me to reheat countless mugs of tea (but not coffee, that's crazy and I have my standards, breakfast bowls of baked oats and dinners after especially long days at work.  You still even have that childproof door lock I stuck on you when Master SSG was a toddler.  Only it proved to be adult proof too because I've clearly put it on the wrong way.  It doesn't lock anything where it is now.

With a heavy heart, I unplugged you, lifted you out of your special nook above the oven and placed you outside for collection.  Then I attempted to go on without you by using good old-fashioned gas and water to try and reheat my breakfast oats by steaming it.  It wasn't quite the same.

In my head, getting a new microwave was going to be a snap.  I found the model I wanted on the Target website.  Reviews were all positive, the price was right and it appeared that there was adequate stock of instore at my local branch.  With all those planets aligned, I braved Sunday morning at Westfield, found a parking spot and marched up to Target.  

You guessed it, the demo microwave was on display but the space underneath it was empty.  No stock and we're not sure when we'll be getting more was the official statement from the assistant I tracked down (only took me five minutes so that's a win I guess).

At least had good coffee, cupcakes and a quick browse through the rest of Target as a reward for our effort.

I got home and did what I should have done in the first place.  Assembled myself a cheeseboard, made a Bellini and logged on to Appliances Online.  Within half an hour, I'd browsed all available microwaves based on my specifications, ordered, confirmed delivery for the next day and got free delivery and removal of my old microwave.  And had quite a pleasant time whilst doing it all.

True to his courtesy text message, Daniel from Appliances Online was at my front door Monday morning within his specified time frame with my new microwave and ready to take my old one away.
It then only took me ten minutes to unpack, install and tidy up.

And here she is.  My new (old) microwave.  It's the same brand, capacity and wattage as my old one.  I didn't even have to read the instruction manual to set the time or get it to work.  I'm looking forward to at least another ten years of reliable service from my new friend.  Who knows what we'll see and what we'll get up to over that time.

How long have you had your current microwave?

Do you share my love for Appliances Online?


  1. When we lived in Sydney Appliances on-line was our go to. They charge to deliver up here so we have just gone to the local big stores. My husband was a kitchen designer and builder (self taught) and he completely gutted our Sydney kitchen a few years before selling and all appliances added were via appliances on line. Did you know they are on offshot of Winnings appliances? We used them when we built our (had to be sold later) house in Bella Vista in 1994.
    Love the service you got...enjoy your new microwave. Denyse x

  2. We rarely use ours, so I reckon it would have to be at least 10 years old too. Farewell to your old microwave...& thanks for the memories...

  3. I've never used appliances online, but now you have me wondering how old my microwave is, haha! Our fridge gave up the other day so we've had to replace that, fingers crossed nothing else decides to pack in on us!

  4. So nice to receive prompt service and similar model so you can use your new microwave right away. Mine is at least ten years old.

    It’s at least ten years old.

  5. We don't use our microwave much SSG and to be honest I think it is an Aldi one! Looks like you gave your old one a good send off and had it taken away rather than just thrown on the scrap heap. Enjoy your new microwave and at least you know how to use it. Have a great week! :)

  6. That's a very fancy looking microwave! Mind you, that child lock looked fancy too. Never seen one of them before!

    You make me LOL. "Assembled myself a cheeseboard, made a Bellini and logged on to Appliances Online" Hahaha. Your shopping is so fancy.


  7. I can't believe your microwave lasted so long, though I think my mother's first one lasted like 20yrs or something. Though it cost the price of a small car. Well, not that much, but you know what I mean....

    I need a new dishwasher but prevaricating big time. It's been nearly 2mths and I'm over washing up but can't seem to make a decision! (Size is an issue as I've got a built-in spot!) #teamlovinlife

  8. I love appliances on line. I bought my super duper washing machine from them with my bonus year before last (hope it is ok in storage!) and also replaced a built in oven in a difficult space. It was not standard size but AOL recommended a local crew who could add a little extra stainless steel to match it up. Never had anything other than great service from them.

  9. Our microwave is at least 10 years old and gets used daily - mostly to warm up our wheat bags! The plastic door has taken on a weird yellowy-cream colour (instead of its original white) but I don't want to replace it for that reason alone.


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