Jul 4, 2018

On School Holiday Time and the Living Is Positively Sedentary.

It's day three of school holidays and we're treating ourselves to a day in doing not much at all.  I've got this week off from work and a completely unscripted day is just what I need.

To help me make good on kicking back indoors for as long as possible today, I've dressed for the occasion.  Some might argue that debuting a $139 pair of Lulu Lemon Ready to Rulu track pants at home for a day on the sofa with air-dried hair may not be the most fashion influencer way of going about things.  And you would be correct.  

Fortunately for all of us, I'm here as a 'tried and tested so I'm writing about it' influencer instead.  These are seriously comfortable trackies with that trademark Lulu yoga chic aesethetic. Think of them as Lulu tights only in pants form.  They're a slim cut and have a generous high fitted waistband.  If you're having a lazy day the tie closure is strictly optional . The 28" length is full length on me so there's no fear of bagginess around the ankles or my tripping over the cuffs.  But what I love most about my Ready to Rulus is their lack of extreme drop crotch!!!!!!!!

I'm this close to ordering them in every available colour but I also realise that I'm only on school holiday time for another four days so I'm resisting temptation.

The only thing is that as luxe as the fabric is, it's not fleece or brushed for warmth.  Which is where my other school holiday wardrobe find comes into the equation.  These Extra Warm Heattech Leggings from Uniqlo are currently on sale for $19.90 down from $24.90.  I'm currently wearing them under my Lulus. I'm also toasty warm and imagining that this is how dancers might get around to and from class.

That was a Shu Uemura bag in the background of my previous photo.  The bag housed what is probably by billionth repurchase of a jumbo-sized bottle of their Ultim8 cleansing oil.  I'm pretty sure there isn't a makeup product on the planet that this oil can't completely remove.  So many negatives in that sentence, I hope I got them the right way around.  The travel sized bottle was a gift with purchase. 

Still on the keeping it housebound theme, I've just tried this Thermal Wrap N Repair hair mask by Mirenesse ($29 AUD for 3 single use masks). I bought mine from Adore.

The premise behind these treatments is simple.  The foil cap comes preloaded with a hair treatment.  To apply, just towel dry your hair and fit the mask over the top. 

There is a sticker at the base of the cap that you use to secure the mask. Wait for 5 - 20 minutes before removing the mask and rinsing off the residual product.  Dry and style as usual.

Made in Korea, the mask aims to provide an affordable at home option to salon hair treatments. Containing honey and several oils (including Argan), the mask uses the heat from your scalp to activate the treatment.  

I first saw this type of hair treatment advertised through Facebook several months ago.  I remember the brand being quite expensive (double the price of these from memory) but available in different versions depending on your hair's needs.  That particular brand also required you to run a hair dryer over the cap once applied.  I might just go look it up again and see what the pricing is like these days....

I did find this mask easy to use.  My hair is collar length now so fitting it inside the cap wasn't too difficult.  While it has left my hair softer, it has done so with a bit of residue.  I'm going to use the remaining two masks of the set over the next few weeks but sadly, this will not be a repurchase for me.

The weekend seems like it was ages ago I'm that relaxed today but here's a few of the highlights.  Kicking things off with this selfie of a Maccas run we did in the city.

We took the train to Kings Cross for breakfast at the markets on Saturday and paused for a while at this selection of gumboots in the window of Raben Footwear at the station.

I finally looked up at the ceiling at Marcelle and noticed this installation of shopping baskets filled with groceries suspended above us.

Larry the class mascot was deeply impressed with the decor, the vibe and the rainbow marshmallow that comes with the Marcelle babycino.

We went to the movies with our besties and the mums celebrated the end of term with some pink bubbles.

And last but not least, my coriander cuttings!  They're actually growing. 

Are you on school holiday time this week?  How's it going?

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  1. Not school holiday time here as the boys are too little - but I am going to go check out those leggings in Uniqlo! I want leggings to wear under dresses in winter and I'm having no luck finding them - maybe I should head there! I wore footless fleece tights today that snagged 3 times on their first wear so they are definitely not the way to go.


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