Jul 11, 2018

The Sweet Life.

Those who can, SnapChat their lives.  Those who can't (because they're too camera awkward) make WordSwags about theirs instead.

My love of activewear has been documented here previously however normal life seems to conspire against my being able to wear it all day and 'just because'. 

But then the holidays and minimalist holiday packing came along and I finally made my dream come true over the weekend.  These fresh out of my suitcase brushed Lulus and my trusty black Nikes ended up being the foundation of a very practical and comfortable outfit for a day out exploring a part of Perth that had changed so much in the years since I'd last visited that I had to check the name of the train station several times just to make sure.

Many moons ago, Joondalup was as north as Perth got.  A newly developed suburb, it was the last exit of the freeway.  The community began with a new health campus and lots of new houses on the waterfront surrounded by expanses of newly cleared land.  That vacant land is now nowhere to be seen.  The train station now exits into an entrance of the suburb's major shopping centre.  You can even check your train's estimated arrival date on screens at the shops.

Speaking of shops (but then again when do I not?), Lakeside Joondalup's Cotton On was the source for this camo knit long cardigan. A bargain at $15.

My internal GPS navigated us to Kmart next (no explanation necessary) and onwards to excellent coffee and juice after that.

Which brings me to my next WordSwag...

Why urgent need for new toys and other bits and bobs?


Dinner at Epicurean, the very swish buffet restaurant at the equally elaborate Crown Perth.

I'll start with a few photos of the savoury options.  Just to get it out of the way because dessert is my one true love at a buffet.  After champagne...

Condiments for sushi and sashimi, love that wasabi sculpture.

I was pacing myself for dessert but couldn't say no to the oysters.

Besides the smoked salmon, Master SSG's favourite savoury dishes were these rainbow coloured prawn crackers, the calamari and the fried rice.  Worlds away from his favourites as a toddler where the theme for his plate was white - bananas, bread rolls and potato.

The carvery looked tempting and I now regret not trying the wagyu beef.

But dessert beckoned.  All four gleaming, marble-topped counters of it.

Take your pick from this giddily coloured selection of toppings to go with your rainbow coloured waffle cone of ice cream.  Is that blue Smartie in the tray of green candy annoying the perfectionist in you too?

Red Velvet Cake bites and cake pops,

jewel coloured pots of key lime pie and diamonds of delicate slices,

house made marshmallows and biscuits

and fruit jellies.

If I had to pick one favourite section of the dessert buffet, it would have to be the cakes and brulee fridge.

So often the cakes at hotels look far better than they taste but Epicurean is a happy exception to this observation.  The strawberry cake in the middle was perfectly flavoured and textured.  The brulee next door was similarly sublime.  I had no room for the cake on the right.

Sadly my eyes were far bigger than my stomach and despite all my planning and pacing, I could only manage one modest plate of dessert.

But at least I got to finish with some fruit based fondue dipped in chocolate that came from this spectacular fountain. Separate cascades of white, dark and orange (I think) chocolate spiral down the fountain and you can help yourself by dipping a plate under a passing stream of chocolate.  It's all very Willie Wonka....

Do you have a strategy when faced with a buffet for dinner?  Sweet or savoury?  Pace yourself or bolt straight out of the gate?

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  1. Oh yum, I can see why you tried to save space for dessert, so many delicious options! I would have just gone straight for the dessert, ha! I have such a sweet tooth :)


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