Aug 31, 2018

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: August 2018

The August 2018 edition of A Sentence (or Two) A Day inspired by Jo Tracey's Sentence A Day posts that she does on a monthly basis.
  1. It's my birthday month!  I can already see that it's going to rapidly unravel into a month of self gifting.
  2. Said goodbye to my mum and aunty today as they head home to Perth.  They'll be back soon but saying goodbye is always sad.
  3. My mum to be work friend was so chuffed with our gift as she heads off on mat leave. Received a beautiful thank you text from her which made me smile today.
  4. Massive making and baking session for my nephew's 3rd birthday party tomorrow.  It was nearly a massive cake fail but I managed to salvage things with some heart shaped shortbread biscuits I had on hand.
  5. Balloons make everything better, even sunny days that I thought could not be improved upon.  Was a lovely morning celebrating the birthday and also catching up with old friends.
  6. Closure.  Had a debrief with a work friend about a situation we've both been managing over the last couple of months.  I've discovered that it had happy and very unexpected outcome. A huge weight is off both our sets of shoulders as of today.
  7. My work here is done.  Figured out my City 2 Surf outfit.  
    Now all I need to do is get over this cold before race day Sunday.
  8. Recipe Tin Eat's sweet and sour cocktail meatballs were a huge hit in today's lunchbox.  Master SSG loved the ketchup, soy and apple cider vinegar based dipping sauce.  I just covered the baked meatballs with all the sauce, refrigerated the night before and quickly reheated a few in the microwave on the day of lunchbox packing.  

  9. A good mail day!  My new shampoo and conditioner arrived, just as I was down to the last drops of my current bottles.  Oh, and this sun!!!  Loving it.  
  10. Admiration and all the healing energy in the world for a friend who's going through a serious health issue.  And doing so with her perpetual smiles and kindness to others.
  11. It's the day before both my birthday and the City2Surf.  I have only one thing on my mind - CARB LOADING!!!!!!!!
  12. The Big Day.  Great weather, best pace for 14K ever AND birthday celebrations with my brother, sister in law, nephew and Master SSG.  Feeling lucky, spoiled ... and a bit sore.
  13. Even more sore today.  Avoided the stairs like the plague at work today.
  14. Ooohh it was nice doing laps in the pool today.
  15. Loving the fact that it's becoming a bit sunny and warm in the afternoons right now.  Roll on springsummer!
  16. Had my BioScan today and was pleasantly surprised at my body composition.  All the hard work is paying off!  Trying to focus on things beyond that number on the scales can be a challenge at times.
  17. I always feel such a sense of achievement when I switch my computer off for the week and turn the desk calendar over to the coming Monday's date.
  18. Post run bacon and egg roll.  
    No explanation necessary.
  19. Having a quiet day in as the wind outside does its thing on the laundry.  
  20. What a day.  I can't think of anything else to say, I'm brain dead.
  21. It's Tuesday and that means pool time.  Leaping out of the pool always makes me feel like sprightly.  
  22. What a day.  Second time this week.  Weekend, where are you?
  23. I went on a mad dash through the shops today in search of a pair of checked shirts for tomorrow's Fiver For A Farmer fundraiser.  Target came through for me.
  24. What a day.  Third time this week.  Not the best record to have achieved but at least tomorrow is Saturday.
  25. FaceTimed dad in Perth for his birthday.  It was a lovely day where I managed to get through a fair bit at an easy pace.
  26. Had a leisurely lunch and play date at my bestie's house.  Here's to good friends and good bubbles!
  27. I am so embarrassed.  I drowned my work pager after my expensive stainless steel water bottle leaked into my bag.  Yes we still have pagers at work and yes I had to the walk of shame to switchboard to get a replacement.  This is only the second time in my working life that this has happened to me.
  28. Went back to the shops to get the security tag removed from the pocket of some pants I bought on the weekend.  I went through an entire shopping centre without setting off any security alarms!  What the?!?!
  29. Loving my new Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette. 
    I got it for half price too!!  I have a sneaking suspicion that if I'd only just gone and bought this OG Naked palette in the first place, I wouldn't now be sitting with the first three volumes in my bathroom cabinet.  Oh well.....
  30. Did Master SSG's new passport interview today and was suitably nervous.  And guess who nearly let the team down regarding the paperwork?  Me.  I signed my signature two different ways...  Very grateful to the Australia Post staff member serving me because she's managed to fix it for me.  Fingers crossed.
  31. How did this happen?  Tomorrow marks the first day of the last single digit month of the year.  And you know what that means.... endless weeks of (even more) good times ahead!

How's your August been?

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  1. Sorry you had some bad days in there, but it otherwise sounds like a wonderful birthday month! Shame about your pager too, I've switched to a steel water bottle and it's great for stopping leaks - but it does mean when it leaks it leaks in a BIG way, oops!


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