Aug 17, 2018

Bioscanned. Everlane's V Heel, Among Other Things.

It's amazing what a computer can tell you about yourself by just having you stand on some scales and hold onto a couple of paddles....

A local gym was canvassing the locals on the street last week and I ended up getting talked into a free Bioscan measurement.  It probably wasn't the brightest idea booking in just after my birthday but anyway....

It turned out to be quite an interesting rundown on where my body is at the moment in terms of fat and muscle composition.  You're also given a 'biological age' as part of your results and Bioscan kindly reckons I'm 4 years younger than I truly am.

Adding muscle weight seemed to be the area I need to work on based on my results so I got proactive about it and had a couple of hard boiled eggs and some hummus for lunch.  I've got a soft spot for the Obela brand of hummus at the moment. The caramelised onion variety is one of the best store bought options I've had in a long time.

It's been a while since we last discussed Everlane on the blog, hasn't it?

In anticipation of spring (can you feel it, Sydney people - it's nearly here, the sunny afternoons tell me so), I ordered a pair of the new suede V Heel ($155 USD).  The heels are 1.5 inches short which is music to my flat loving ears.  Made in Italy, the shoes are beautifully finished with a leather lining, the heels are suede as well.  The soles have an impressive level of cushioning. It's not visible on inspection but you can feel its benefits when you're up and walking in these heels.

This photo will surprise no one here.  I've got my running socks on and the aim isn't asphyxiate my toes but rather to get a bit more space in the toe box.

I ordered my usual US size and they just fit with room to wiggle when I first tried them on.  I have quite a wide foot and found that wearing thick socks with the heels around the house stretched the toe box out enough for me to be able to debut them at work tomorrow.  I also sprayed the shoes with suede protector so hopefully this will help not get them too dirty on the first wear.

I don't often say that about new heels...  I'll let you know how I get on.

There's been talk on the Everlane site about how their famous range of silk blouses is going to be relaunched later this month.  I was able to pick up this blue button down blouse from the 'Choose What You Pay' range with this order.

The blouse is a great fit, it was the easy fit cut from memory but isn't too baggy and there's enough length to casually tuck it into a waistband.

While the shirt has sold out, this cashmere sweater is still available as a Choose What You Pay item for $91AUD.  I have another Everlane chunky knit and find them well worth the money. They're very warm, don't pill and are beautifully finished.

The surprise hit from my haul were these Work Pant in the ankle length ($50 USD).  I'm 166cm and these hit my ankle making them a great option to wear with flats as the weather warms up.  The fabric is a stretch cotton elastane.  It has a solid weight to it and actually 'sucks you in' a bit.  I like the flat elastic waistband because it doesn't dig into my waist but does its job to flatter my mum tum.
This is what the pants look like. They're not a super tight leg, they're more a boot cut.  Everlane has also thoughtfully used models of different heights and dress sizes so you can get an idea what the pants might look like on someone of your size and body shape.  Another reason I love this brand so much.  Real women modelling the clothes real women buy.

I'm taking stock of my wardrobe at the moment and chances are another Everlane order will be in my future soon.  I'm thinking that the Work Pant in black will definitely be on the list and I'm curious about their jeans.  Watch this space.

And here we are on the cusp of another glorious weekend.  I have every confidence that mine is going to begin in a much less angst ridden fashion than was the case this time last week.  The Commonwealth bank sprung a nasty surprise on me by changing my credit card account number for no good reason.  Practically all my bills are direct debit so guess who was on the computer for a couple hours firstly to activate the new cards and then going down my list of bills and logging onto each website to update my details.  Just as well I had most of the passwords 'remembered' on my laptop...

Be well and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh those pants sound awesome! I do need more pants for work too. Maybe I need to check out Everlane! I have seen a lot of it on blogs but still never tried it yet. I really like the colours of your heels too! :) Hope their first wear goes well!

  2. I have some similar V shoes that I wore in our spring. Mine were M&S. Really comfortable. Love the colour of yours. I had a street scan and it said I had fat around the middle. Sad despite running and dieting


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