Aug 28, 2018

Kit Kat Gold. Behind the Counter Goods.

I blame you, Christian Hull.

Discerning readers, behold the magnificence of Kit Kat Gold.  Don't those fingers of caramel infused white chocolate look just a bit like bars of gold?

I'm not normally a white chocolate fan nor do I normally go out of my way to try new Kit Kat varieties but when Christian is in raptures about something, it's a bit difficult to resist.  After all, this is the same man who's been getting me through Book Week preparations....

What can I say? Kit Kat Gold is Gold with a much deserved capital, glittering 'G'.  It's got that perfect combination of almost toothache inducing sweetness with a burst of caramel flavour all wrapped up in finger of chocolate with that necessary addition of crunch from the wafers.  Basically, it's the perfect snack for any time of the day that you can justify because you ran sometime earlier that day.

I took my obsession to the next level by decorating a cake with it over the weekend.  Just a tip for young players, you need 3 packs of the large 'share' (is that really a verb you associate with limited edition Kit Kats, I wonder?) packs to circumnavigate an 18cm round cake.

Just as an aside, it might just be me but Kit Kats are awfully fragile these days.  I tried to chop individual fingers to line the sides of my cake and most of them broke when I cut into them.  Not that I'm complaining that much because I do now have bowl of fractured Kit Kat Gold fingers and as we all know, there's no  calories in broken Kit Kat fingers.  Tim Tams roll the same way.

The butter cake I made featured vanilla bean paste and I'm definitely a convert to this pricey alternative to essence or extract.  It gave both the cake and frosting a delicious flavour that was pretty close to patisserie level good.

My recipe is from this month's free Coles magazine.  There's a whole series of perfect cake recipes and this butter cake and frosting was the first one in the article.  Coles' recipe is a keeper for me.  The cake has a lovely texture, soft and dense.  It's great as a foundation for the over the top frosting and decorating that comes with having a youngster in the house.  Two thumbs up for us.

In other news from Coles, did you know that the humble Lucas' Papaw ointment is now a behind the counter substance?  You need to ask for it at the front counter and it's stashed away in a shelf under the cigarettes.  Fortunately, you don't seem to need ID for the Lucas'.

Had Kit Kat Gold sprinkled its goodness on your life yet?

Why would Papaw ointment be behind the counter all of a sudden after all these years?  Conspiracy theories please.


  1. PMSL re Christian Hull
    I wonder if the Lucas behind the counter thing is due to theft of lucas products?

  2. You can buy the vanilla bean paste in a giant squeeze tube at Costco in the baking section :)

  3. I haven't tried the new Kit Kats yet but they look delicious! I think with all the hype I'll be lucky to get some, haha!

    No idea why the Paw Paw would be hidden away!


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