Aug 20, 2018

Life This Week 20/8/2018: My Hairstyle History.

My hair in pictures (of things that mostly aren't human hair).  All of which (the pictures) are courtesy of Google Images unless otherwise stated.

I have lots of hair and in its natural state, it has the texture and appearance of steel wool.
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Only it's rarely ever as tidy as a new pad of steel wool because static is one of its major enemies.

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Battling the will of my hair has been an ongoing financial commitment of mine ever since I got my first pay cheque.

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Jennifer Aniston's hair in her Rachel years was the look I aspired to as I endured hours in the hairdresser's chair getting my tresses chemically straightened...

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In more recent years, I've embraced the power blow dry and have devoted an inordinate amount of time to YouTube video tutorials which make it look that much easier than it is to get volume at the roots and a bit of a soft 'kick out' at the ends using nothing more than a vent brush, a standard blow dryer and your own pair of arms.

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If only I'd been around when this contraption was all the go....

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The other Roaring Forties in my life.  One of my favourite blue cheeses in the whole world.

As I hit my stride in this fun decade of life I like to call my Roaring Forties, my hair and I have forged an alliance based on acceptance and the fact that I have so many more things to do with the hours of my day besides devoting them to my hair.

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I've ditched the straighteners, curling wands and heated rollers of my past and now air dry my hair as much as possible.  If I'm feeling fancy and my hair has been cut short enough, I run this Rusk heated, rolling brush through it.  A lovely reader of this blog suggested it to me many years ago and I haven't looked back.

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How can I put this? I'd say my hair hasn't seen its natural colour (and greyness come to think of it) since my late twenties.  As my budget and life pressures have fluctuated over the years, I've gone from a bit of DIY at home with home colour, to full on salon productions with a bit of root touch up spray at home to just full on salon productions with keratin thrown in for good measure.  

This year, my superhero hairdresser finally convinced me to give balayage a go.  Looking back, the jet black I favoured was getting a bit ageing.

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Victoria Beckham has forever been one of my style icons and I love what her hair team do with her brunette hair these days in terms of both the cut and the colour.  My hairdresser has been known to have me leaving the salon with hair looking this good....

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As we head into Sydney's famed springsummer (a word I'm this close to trademarking it so perfectly describes those golden months in Sydney), I'm throwing a few ideas around regarding what I'd like to do with my hair for the duration. I reckon adding a bit of length but keeping the balayage is going to be the plan.

Does your hair have history?  Have you been evolutionary or revolutionary with it?

Do tell.


  1. I think I know what you mean about steel wool hair because I had chemo curls for a while and it wasn't fun. And I have to laugh because my mum did have one of those old fashioned plastic cap hair dryer contraptions and I certainly spent some time with it, and she much more!

  2. Haha, love this! Also your hair looks amazing in the last pic!

  3. Your hairdresser did a great job.

  4. Hi SSG and love hour approach to Denyse's prompt this week. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone that was happy with their own hair, me included. I still colour mine but that is becoming expensive although I love the treatment at the salon. I had a hairdresser who told me once that there is no hairstyle that looks good without some effort put in. No hope for me then! Have a great week xx

  5. I pretty much just let mine grow! I don't like people touching my hair.

  6. I'm rather predictable with my hair unfortunately! I usually get frustrated at how long it is, cut it short, then miss the length, grow it back ut and repeat. This time around I'm growing it out to donate so I can't really overly style it - luckily the length makes it heavy enough that it's kinda pulling itself straight, ha!

  7. That balayage at the bottom is GOALS.
    My hair is fine and straight. I used to have a lot of it, but it fell out when I started trying to get pregnant. It's thickened up since getting pregnant.
    I've been long, short, dark, bleached, layered, all one length.
    At present, I am shoulder length, a little layering, (probably a lob) and a reddy purply browny colour.

  8. Yes, I have steel whole hair myself, and it’s red and I have a lot of it. And cow licks, one right in front that flips my hair over my forehead and down into my eyes. I have a similar hot roller brush myself, it works and it looks great after I use it, but it still takes forever and I find it makes my hair really dry. I just let my hair air dry now, with a little styling cream. I schrunch as it dries.
    I will say I have a “problem” hair story to tell. I am at peace with my hair now. Growing up, there was constant struggles, many tears, it was often snarled. I was a teen in the 1970’s, and long straight hair was the fashion. Now, I get positive feedback. But I’ll look in the mirror and it’s sticking out and fuzzy all over. I keep it longish now so I can put it up in a twist or pony tail. It is actually less time to long hair than short, the weight of my hair when it’s longer helps get some of the wildness of it, otherwise, I would need to syle short hair every day.

  9. Good on you for this honest and wonderful trip of your hair. See, it really IS important and I reckon costs us so much in tears and tantrums too at times. Mine had/had a kink at one side so was never even for say a bob, and at least one double crown. I had one of those hairdriers but I had to sit on my bed or a chair. it was not portable like in the pic. Oh my goodness they got hot inside.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is a photo-based one: Share Your Snaps 27/8/18. Denyse


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