Aug 27, 2018

Life This Week 27/8/2018: Share Your Snaps and Screenshots (and Thoughts).

It's been one of those nose to the grindstone kind of weeks for me.  I haven't had time to smell those proverbial roses.  Just as well I've got photos and screenshots from the week that was to remind me that life went on beyond the little vacuum that my life can sometimes become when work goes nuts.

I helped out at school this week!  Actually, help is a pretty loose term because the other five mums and grandmas helped Master SSG's class with their craft project while I kept my friend's three year old company at a spare desk.  We had a lovely chat about his recent trip to the aquarium as we both watched his favourite videos from the visit.  Penguins.  They bring people together, they honestly do.

After the crafting, we got to listen to the class recite a favourite poem before meeting the class pets which include several stick insects (including one that miraculously rose from the apparently dead), the worms in their farm and ... Elvis Snipper J, the class yabbie.  Elvis SJ resides in this restrotastic tank that's shaped like a television.  I couldn't squeeze the aerial into my photo.  Elvis' tank gets bathed in different coloured light which you can control with the flick of a knob.  I love that Crust Station billboard!

Bunmi Laditan is a blogger and author whose contributions to social media make me think, laugh, cry and believe in a way few 'influencers' manage to do.  I initially started reading and laughing in solidarity with Bunmi's Honest Toddler posts and progressed to reading her books on the similar theme of survival parenthood with a large slice of sharp humour.

More recently, I've discovered Bunmi's live Facebook chats about spirituality and how she's confronted her own demons and past trauma.  Bunmi speaks and writes with a warmth and beauty that's an unexpected contrast to the tone of her parenting memoirs.  She speaks of finding peace in the God or higher being upon which you fix your moral compass and she speaks of the challenges of staying true to this as you foolishly seek approval and validation from the things and people around you.  I often struggle to follow more traditional podcasts on Christianity but Bunmi is so eloquent and has a context that I can relate to.  I've been listening and thinking along with her over the last few weeks since she's started her live chats.

Our 'Little Shops' highlight this week is FINALLY getting the Tim Tams to add to the collection.  I've also been arranging a few postal swaps with fellow obsessed mums.

Image result for jack prime minister grandson
via Google Images

 It's been one of those weeks in Australian politics and former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's grandson Jack captured the mood perfectly at his granddad's final press conference as the departing Prime Minister.

The memes and quips have been flowing thick and fast all week.

Really, in times like this, there's not much you can do but laugh about it.  And read the fake news websites for satire that's painfully close to the bone.  And remember that no matter how long your week has been, at least you weren't living out the drama in Canberra on a personal level.

There has been lots to smile about this week but none of it made it to my camera roll.  The many wonderful people in my work and personal lives have been there for me.  My then being able to pay it forward in return.  But this is a photo that definitely captured a happy moment this week.

Urban Decay have discontinued their OG Naked eyeshadow palette.  In the spirit of fair pricing, Mecca Cosmetica honoured the half price discounting of current stock that has taken place in the US. So I got my hands on a palette for the relatively nice price of $41.50!  

How's your week been?  What's made you smile or deep breathe?  Are there pictures to go with or were the moments captured in your memory and heart instead?

Be well.


  1. That image about the surgeons stopping asking patients who the prime minister is made me giggle - it is a bit random isn't it? Was the main topic in the elevators at work last week. You hear the strangest conversations in elevators sometimes!

    Sounds like there were some nice moments in your busy week though, and thanks for the recommendation to check out Bunmi!

  2. What I like about Instagram is you can look at your posts and see happy. pretty moments - even if it's just a flower on the dog walk, or the dog for that matter. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the good things are still there, we just need to direct our focus for a moment.

  3. No. 1, I want that palette! No. 2 I'm with you on the memes and fake news re the leadership. You gotta laugh about this stuff - it's so incredibly juvenile and ridiculous.

  4. The best thing to come out of the Canberra debacle have been the memes - they're side splittingly good. I think little Jack really sums up the mood nicely!

  5. Aren't photos a wonderful way to capture the week, SSG? I know that sometimes I have so much on during a month, if I didn't take photos I wouldn't remember half of it! Yes the political seen has been very emotional hasn't it? I won't comment further on that. Have a beautiful week despite the state of the country. xx

  6. It's scary how close satire and politics is these days! I'm in my peak cycle and work and still haven't unpacked much at the new house so I feel muddled still. But it will pass..

  7. It sounds like a mixed bag kind of week SSG - good, bad and something in between. I have no understanding at all of the Coles little plastic thingies - why stop plastic bags then offer free bigger plastic bags and free plastic toys? It boggles my Midlife mind!

  8. Face-palming: the political palaver of the last week. Decapitating my rear-View mirror on my car.
    Smiling: the resulting memes from the fallout. Bubba kicks.

  9. Lovely sharing of your life and the snaps. I love IG for its immediacy. Just wish I could have it public but since I was hacked in the same week I got my cancer diagnosis (no co-incidence) I can only share with people who request follow. The week...what a week...with the PM and all that silly and totally wasting of everyone's time and money "lib challenge".

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt for 36/52 is Taking Stock. Denyse


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