Aug 16, 2018

Lovin' Life 16/8/2018: Golden Syrup Apple Dumplings.

Store bought fancy, glossy, creamy cakes have their place on Instagram and in our eyes but when my heart wants dessert?  It wants hearty, buttery and homemade. Preferably served with a rustic, imperfect scoop of supermarket vanilla ice cream.

Master SSG and I made Golden Syrup Apple Dumplings over the weekend using an oven recipe from  a member of the ever reliable community of home cooks over at the Best Recipes website.

I won't lie and neither will my camera.  My first attempt at dessert dumplings was anything but pretty.      My dumpling dough was a bit crumbly and it didn't tidily wrap my apple pieces as the recipe seemed to suggest it would.  I sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon over the top of the apple wedge before making the dumplings for a bit of extra flavour.

I also ran out of pastry for the number of apple slices I had.  Being resourceful, I googled a recipe for microwave stewed apples on the fly and put those spare bits of apple to good use.  They've been the perfect match for my baked oats each morning.

I told you it wasn't going to be pretty.  The lighting doesn't help things either.  Over the top of the dumplings went a syrup made of sugar, butter and golden syrup.

Thirty minutes later, the oven worked its magic and this is how my dish of dumplings turned out.

They were delicious.  They weren't so sweet that you couldn't have ice cream with them and they definitely weren't bland tasting either.  There's something about home made baked desserts.  You can taste the butter and there's a crisp crumbliness it imparts that you don't always get with store bought.

What does your heart want when it wants dessert?  Fancy show stopping creations from the shops or something a bit more down to earth and rustic from your own kitchen?


  1. I don't eat dessert - maybe indulge a handful of times over a year - but when I do I want something warming like this. I made golden syrup dumplings (without the apples) last weekend in the billy on teh campfire. They weren't pretty either, but apparently were yum.

  2. In true sydney form I thought you meant Asian Dumplings and was curious how it would taste - assuming pork and maple syrup. Of course, Apple Dumplings. Proving yet again, we are more Asian than European than we think!! (Well, I am!)

  3. My husband is diabetic so our dessert is more likely to be cheese and non carby, savoury things :)

  4. As long as they tasted good---that's what really matters. Heck, you cover them with enough ice cream and they look amazing!!

  5. Oh yum, these sound amazing even if they didn't turn out like you hoped!

    I'm a big fan of desserts but I usually go the chocolate route, ha! Anything chocolatey has my stamp of approval!

  6. I remember my Mum used to make these when I was a kid. Very delicious! #TeamLovinLife

  7. Oh wow, my mum used to put plain flour dumplings in casseroles when I was young and I loved them. The Asian kind of dumplings have become more of a thing in recent years but I can't eat most because I'm coeliac but whenever people talk about them my mind zips back to the flour-y kind! #teamlovinlife

  8. Oh yum! I've never made dumplings of any kind and I bet yours tasted delicious, especially on a cold winter's evening. Have a great week SSG. xx

  9. That looks delicious! Yummy!! I love home baked too. :-) #TeamLovinLife

  10. OMG! Dumplings!!! My mum makes THE BEST caramel dumplings. When I was a kid they were our "special occasion" dessert. I still ask for them on my birthday. It's the little things


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