Aug 23, 2018

Lovin' Life 23/8/2018: This Weather, We're Loving It.

My excitement for spring is building with each of these August weekends that pass.  It's this weather. I can't get enough of it.

The bare branches overhead don't look so bleak now that they're framed by blue and dare I say it, warmish skies.

It's a lovely time the year to be a morning person.

I discovered a new (to me) cafe in Potts Point called Coffee, Tea and Me.   Sadly our favourite spot Marcelle up the road in Kings Cross appears to have closed for good and its premises are up for rent.

Coffee, Tea and Me is a rough diamond dressed in shabby chic.

The floor length front windows offered me a glimpse of the area's famed Art Deco residences and apartment blocks and my mind couldn't help but drift off into a daydream about the chic and artistic people who've been living in the area since those buildings first appeared.

 My coffee ready, it was time to return to 2018 and its obsessions with protein balls....

99 Problems and Jordan Game 6 are among the intriguing names for the versions sold at Coffee, Tea and Me.  I'll have to google the Jordan reference. 

I'm back.  Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals was Jordan's last game with the Chicago Bulls and their victory remains the stuff of legend.

Closer to home, my love affair with a local legend is still going strong.  Bowen's, your bacon and egg rolls and my post run appetite are a match made in heaven and we're going to be together pretty much forever.

This weather also never fails to set off the 'glass half full' centre of my brain.  To my mind, when I walk around under this sun, I feel as if I'm on holiday and not simply working through the weekend to do list.

Master SSG is feeling the love for the winter sun to a similar degree.

He's mastered the flying fox at Tumbalong Park and he's showing an interest in tennis.

There's a couple of things he could teach his mother a thing or two about.

How's the weather where you are right now?

Looking forward to it warming up?


  1. There's something about those late winter blue skies that fill you with optimism regardless of anything else that's going on. I couls almost smell that bacon and egg roll...

  2. Your Sydney is looking so exotic - almost European... I wish the warm weather would stick. I keep wearing the wrong clothes....

  3. What a fabulous day to enjoy!! We always love trying out new coffee shops!!

  4. Sad that your favourite cafe has closed but that new find looks fabulous! We're having a bit of a cold snap here in Brisbane and I'm actually really enjoying it. We have summer for most of the year here - shocking humid, energy depleting summer! So, this respite and change is very much enjoyed by me! Your little SSG boy is such a cutie! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  5. We have had beautiful weather in Brisbane, during Winter, although we could do with some rain. Spring is almost here and the Jacarandas will be blooming and leaving purple carpets all over the place. Enjoy your week, SSG xx

  6. Spring and Autumn are my favourite time of year. Looks like you were enjoying the beautiful weather. #TeamLovinLife

  7. Shame your fave cafe closed, but great you found an alternative! :)

    It's nice and warm here in the afternoons but still so cold in the mornings and evenings - I'm really looking forward to warmer weather!

  8. Sorry for your favorite cafe closing but it looks like that you had a wonderful morning. #TeamLovinLife

  9. I have to say morning photos fill me with some weird sense of hope though I'm not a morning person myself! I'm not a fan of summer but a mild spring I don't mind!

    Coffee, Tea and Me looks great! #teamlovinlife

  10. Perth has finally gotten through the cold wet end of July/start of August and we've had some amazing sunny blue-sky days at last (though we were in Qld/NSW for much of the mucky weather, so can't complain). Before I know it we will be sweltering through another Perth summer no doubt, so I want to make the most of this current amazing almost-spring weather.
    Love your photo of an empty Darling Harbour - when we were there it was chocker-block full of yachts for the Sydney Boat Show!! We had a great view from the ferris wheel xx


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