Aug 2, 2018

Lovin' Life 2/8/2018: COS Clothing. Lee Lin Calls It A Day.

I'm full of love at the best of times for COS print dresses, but I love them even more when they're 70% off.  This shift dress with a statement rolled neck ended up costing $40.40!

COS is an MVP in my wardrobe.  Their stores are one of the few I actually enjoy visiting in real life as opposed to going straight to online.  The pared back aesthetic and studio feel to the stores makes me feel a more fashion forward and adventurous shopper than I actually am.

I like that COS isn't about following particular trends.  It's more about an exploration of colour, shapes and patterns in a way that's both practical and a little bit out of the box in this world of fast and disposable fashion.  I have dresses from several years back that I still love and wear.  They've stood the test of time both both in terms of style and quality.  I'll definitely be paying a visit to their store in Berlin when I'm over on October.

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I'm not sure if Lee Lin personally wears COS but I think of her and her beautifully modulated voice whenever I slip on a COS frock and a pair of heavily framed spectacles.  I'm a bit sad that she's called it a day reading the SBS news but am sure that she's about to embark on a new and exciting chapter of her life.  I hope it will still involve something on television.

What's your favourite place for clothes?

What do you think Lee Lin will do next?


  1. I love Lee Lin - there's something so authentic & naturally edgy in her that's missing in plastic newsreaders.

  2. Please excuse my ignorance but what does MVP stand for? I've seen it a lot recently but don't know what it means.

  3. 70% off - what a bargain! I have to be honest and say I had never heard of COS before reading your post. I must have been living under a rock all this time! I don't have a favourite brand really. I just get something if I like it but of course I have more success in some shops rather than others, and I do have some favourite online shops these days! :-) xoxo #TeamLovinLife

  4. I must admit I don't really go into shops to buy clothes. I used to like Nicola Waite as the sizes go up to a 18-20 and they're funky. But expensive. I wore a bit of that stuff in a previous life. A lot of stuff now I buy cos I see bloggers / instagrammers in it. Some stuff from Sassind for example. I wish I fitted into Gorman Clothing and I love a few Insta style / fashion places I could never afford. And Beau Coops and IOXS shoes, for eg. #teamlovinlife

  5. I've never tried COS before but it looks like it would be a lovely place to visit. I doubt we have a store here in BRisbane though, haha!

    I am interested to see what Lee Lin does next too! :)

  6. LLC is a national frickin treasure
    I find the range at COS a bit overwhelming.
    I am luffing the Next website but haven’t bought anything yet


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