Aug 9, 2018

Lovin' Life 9/8/2018: Sunday Life.

How can you not love a sunny Sunday?

The sun on your face as walk under the arching trees and past terraces and ornate light fittings.

Perfectly positioned benches where you could gladly sit for hours catching those rays if you didn't have to walk briskly onward to a pressing engagement.

It's a similar theme regarding the perfectly located store windows you find on your walk.  A proper browse some other time, perhaps.

We were off to a local park for my nephew's third birthday.

I supplied this cake which was saved by a packet of short bread cookies I had in the pantry.  The caramel I thought had set actually oozed from between my layers of cake which then made it impossible to frost the sides properly.

I ended up sticking the cookies to the caramel and it all kind of worked.  So well that I might just intentionally make my next chocolate fudge cake this way and bedazzle it with hearts again.

Fortunately the sausage rolls went to plan.

Sun, chocolate cake, sausage rolls and balloons.  What a perfect way to end a weekend and ease myself into the week before my birthday ... and the City To Surf.


  1. Sydney on a sunny Sunday at the end of winter - gorgeous. Good luck with C2S - looking forward to hearing how you blitzed it.

  2. Well done using your creativity with the cake, SSG! I love a nice bench to sit and reflect in the sunshine. Have a great week! I ran the Brisbane Marathon last weekend so good luck for the City to Surf x

  3. That looks like a Sunday well spent to me SSG! Beautiful day. Beautiful occasion and company and beautiful food! :-) xoxo #TeamLovinLife

  4. It all looks great SSG - we seem to have had endless rain in WA for the last fortnight, so I'm always happy to see sunshine, blue skies and kids with balloons :)

  5. Oh you've reminded me I need to be better at enjoying the simple things - like a sunny Sunday. Every so often I take a breath and notice the world outside but I do not do it enough.

    It looks like a lovely day. I'm heading to Brisbane this weekend to my niece's 22nd birthday celebrations but I still remember all of the early ones as well and they were all very special. #teamlovinlife

  6. Sunny winter Sundays are the bee's knees! #TeamLovinLife

  7. I am sure the kids demolished that food.
    Best of luck for Sunday, I’ll be cheering you on

  8. I'd love a sunny Sunday right about now SSG, I seem to have left those behind last weekend in Sydney!! Here in Perth we're having day after day of cold, windy, rainy weather right now. It wasn't so much fun to come home to last Sunday. Looks like your Sunday was just perfect though!
    PS. I also noticed we have Paris honeymoons in common!! xx

  9. Greta job on the cake looks like it was planned! Looks delicious too. Hope your nephew had a lovely birthday.


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