Aug 12, 2018

My Birthday Weekend So Far.

I couldn't have asked for better weather for my birthday weekend.

The babycinos were just as chuffed.

It's race day today and the 'hood is preparing itself.  The banners have been up for the last fortnight and it looks like a band or two will be performing on the the terrace of the local pub.  It's going to be an epic day and not just because it's also my birthday...

This serenely gushing indoor water feature caught my eye as I headed for the bag drop at the City2Surf runners' expo at the International Convention Centre.  You'll have to believe me that it was a very modest, low maintenance selection of essentials that made the cut.

There's no other word for it, Sydney.  You are looking mighty fine this weekend.

I hope the weather holds for today.

Doesn't that sky look spectacular against all the trappings of modern, big city life?

We somehow managed to leave the expo with a carton of 12 mini bottles of mouthwash and some coconut water.

Our next stop was Tumbalong Park.  This is the first time I've been able to fully appreciate just how well designed the space is for children and their families.  I'm usually here when it's jam packed but in the quiet of the early morning, we managed to get the run of all the play equipment.

Starting with the rope climbing frames, of course.

After a good 45 minutes on the slides, Master SSG decided to cool off at the water play feature.  If you begin at the top, there are pumps and gullies galore.

It was a little oasis of calm sitting here as the traffic whizzed around somewhere in the distance.

In case it wasn't already obvious, I cannot wait for springsummer to return to Sydney.

I've decided to outsource my birthday cake this year.

And in true Sydneysider form, this meant a trip to Zumbo.

The full sized cakes were too large for the two of us so we pored over the mini cakes instead.

It was a tough decision but we decided to pick a fruit based cake and something non chocolatey.

We ended up with Crazy For Yuzu and a slice of V8 vanilla.

Along with a spot of (restrained) self gifting, I reckon I'm all set to delve even deeper (!!) into my roaring forties.

Be well



  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend SSG! It sounds like a great one so far, and the cakes look delicious! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day & of course the run! Den xx

  3. Happy Birthday! The weather looks pretty good in Sydney. Its freezing here! Iv'e never been to Zumbo but the cakes look pretty good. Enjoy!

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl

  4. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and many many more to come.

  5. my son's gf used to cut the hair of mr zumbo's gf so we were able to get the V8 cake for my daughter's 18th at cost price which was pretty darn nice as it tasted delicious. Happy Birthday and good won on the City2surf!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic Birthday. Good on you!


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