Sep 1, 2018

Continental Drift 1/9/2018: My Favourite Part of My House.

This section of the kitchen bench is my very favourite part of my house.  It was a close race between it and my bed but the granite bench and those well loved red kitchen appliances won it on the day.

Leaning (sometimes heavily) on this bench top punctuates the beginning and endings of my day.  I'm here first thing in the morning after my run multitasking while my slow kettle boils as I get our day off to as good a start as possible with breakfast.  There's often other things that have to be done at the same time like lunches and water bottles.  I've got it down to a fine art and while it's often chaotic, it never fails to wake me up for the day ahead.

In the evenings, I'm here feeling a bit less time pressured but often a whole lot less energetic.  The day is done and good or bad, there's no looking back.  Instead, I rifle around in the dish drying rack for my largest clean mug and set about making myself some peppermint tea for the evening.  I carry this mug of tea with me around the house as showers are supervised, pyjamas are gotten into and playtime happens while I get dinner together.

I've had many thoughts standing at this bench.  I've given myself many a pep talk.  I've also (guiltily) been scrolling on my phone while I wait for various other things to happen.  I know precisely which floorboard I've stepped on when I hear a particular creek from underfoot.

This part of the kitchen bench is grounding.  It gives me strength and constancy it entices me take few more deep breaths and unhunch my shoulders just a little.  Standing here just a little while never fails to propel me onward to whatever it is that has to be done next.

My bed is a retreat and a haven but the kitchen bench is where I go to get things done and thoughts thought out.

The kitchen bench doesn't just offer me mental and emotional sustenance, it's also the source of my favourite drinks (besides water and okay... champagne).  All my favourite tea bags (I'm too lazy to brew leaves) and instant coffee for when I don't have the patience to walk down the road for one.

What's your favourite part of your house?  Why do you love it so?

Welcome to our Continental Drift linkup! The reason we are  dabbling at a link up was that we wanted to connect and learn from bloggers from all across the world about their passions and lifestyle.  We will host the  Continental Drift link-up the first of every month.  The concept for myself and my fellow hosts (Mutton Style & Bo’s Bodacious Blog) is that we, the hosts, will write a post about our life on our continent/Country/state over the past month (hence the name) and our favorite thing from the month. 

From  June 1st we began writing around a prompt.  You are welcome to join us using the prompt  or link-up with  any family friendly topic that you like,  be it DIY, cooking, sewing, crafts, lifestyle, de-cluttering, traveling, moving homes, fashion, style, beauty, make up, etc. Your hosts to this linkup come from UK, Canada and Australia.  Enjoy getting to know each other!


  1. I wish I liked cooking enough for the kitchen to be my favourite room of the house, haha! It's the room I like the look of the most as we redid it a few years back but I don't enjoy cooking all that much!

  2. What a beautiful post! Isn’t it amazing how special a certain little spot in our homes can offer so much solace and peace and strength and comfort?! I think my favorite place is my little corner of the couch where I sit every morning and drink my coffee and make my blogging rounds...where I am sitting as I type this right now.


  3. Sounds perfect. It actually made me reflect on how much I love my kitchen, be it messy or clean, it's the place where things happen, where stories are shared and our family feels centered around. I love a cup of coffee in the am before the hustle or bustle and a calming tea after the dishes have been cleaned and the day has slowed down. Thanks for making me think and look at my kitchen in a different way.

  4. How fun that you have such a bright color in your kitchen! It's usually the most favorite place of the house!!

  5. At the moment its sitting on one of the kids play chairs in our bay window. It gets the afternoon sun and feels so warm to sit in. Sometimes I lay on their playmate and have a nap in the sun beam too! ha!

    Deneale | GoldfieldsGirl

  6. I think we've said before that we have similar granite surfaces. I'd like to add red but our cupboards are burgundy and so we have to go with that theme. I wonder how many if us sat up straight when reading 'unhunched' shoulders. I did.

  7. I love snippets of real life like this. I'm actually about to get a new kitchen bench top ... we bought another house!!!


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