Sep 18, 2018

Hitting the 'Beach'.

Summer came early to my neck of the woods over the weekend.  This is the best photo I could manage of our local 'beach' / outdoor pool.  It was taken in 'selfie' mode because my rear facing camera is the only one that works on my phone.  I am in serious countdown mode for Friday evening which is when I'll be making the trek to my local Westfield to pick up my new phone sized bar of gold (I'm sure they were priced based on the gold price).

But I digress.  It was a sensational Saturday afternoon and Master SSG and I were in beach mode.  We had a bag of snacks, drinks in an insulated bag and some upcycled plastic containers as our tools for the beach sand that's the perfect consistency for building and digging.

We found our spot, lay down our towels, made sure our sensible hats were securely fastened under out necks and made for the deck that surrounds the pool enclosure.

And then I thought.  Stuff it.  If not now, then when?  It's only going to get harder the longer I leave it to give it a go....  So I took off my shorts and T-shirt and hit the beach in just my bikini.

It was actually quite confronting.  I immediately felt incredibly self-conscious despite the fact that everyone else around me was dressed similarly.  Since we're in confession mode on the blog today, I'll admit that yes, that was me sucking in my tummy as we inched to the deck....

But I needn't have worried and my awkwardness surprised me and disappeared after about two minutes.  No-one was looking at me and no-one was critiquing me.  What was happening was that a crowd of everyday people were doing their thing and enjoying the surprise gift of a bit of summer in the middle of spring in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  People were reading, people were eating, people were chatting, people were getting their Instagram husbands to take that perfect shot of them arched beside the water (definitely not me in case you were wondering), people were lost in their own thoughts, people were being kids again with their own kids.

So I followed the crowd.  I enjoyed the feeling of the sun of my skin, I darted back and forth to the water to fill tubs with water for Master SSG's 'baking', I helped him dig for treasure and we walked to the kiosk for icy poles and soft drink. 

In the scheme of things, spending the afternoon at the beach in a bikini isn't the biggest fear in life to conquer and it's not the most exotic thing to cross off a bucket list but I did it.  I've also gotten it into my head that spending my beach days this summer in the same fashion could be a good thing.  So I've done some research and have a list of stores I'll be visiting over the next few weeks to find that perfect two-piece swimsuit for summer 2018/2019.

Are you a fan of bikinis at the beach?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, and I'm glad you could enjoy it in your bikini! I do get self conscious at the beach sometimes as my mum tum is very..pronounced in a bikini, but the only reason people stare is usually because one of the kids is making a noise, haha! As soon as the noise stops they aren't interested any more, they can go back to peace and quiet until someone else's kid starts up...hehe!


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