Sep 10, 2018

Life This Week 10/9/2018: Travel Tips (For the Predictable Traveller).

I wish I could tell you about packing light and capsule wardrobes but if I did, it would be very hypocritical indeed.

I can't even tell you about how to cut your travel costs by booking tickets and accommodation through certain providers and at certain times of the year because I only make two kinds of trips these days:
- for work which means that airfares and accommodation rates are not really negotiable
- to visit mum and dad back in Perth during school holidays so peak rate airfares but free accommodation (thanks ever so much, mum and dad).

I'm also not what you'd call an adventurous traveller.  I tread paths that are often so well trodden I can feel the indents of other peoples' footfalls as I go.  I usually fly, I stay at boring hotels and I love a super touristy day tour to help me get my bearings.

The breakfast I eat religiously every morning that I'm every in the US for work.  Excited?  So am I.

If you can relate to my style of travel then I hope there'll be something below that you'll find useful or else nod in agreement about. I'm just a few weeks out from my trip to Berlin so writing this post is going to be helpful in getting me motivated to do as I write.

A new Moleskine is one of the first things to go into my suitcase when packing for a work trip.
Image result for trilogy rosehip oil
A bottle of rosehip oil always goes into my carry on luggage.  It rehydrates like nothing else and I use it  as an all over moisturiser.
Image via Google Images
Before Aiport:
  • Tripadvisor -  I find it an invaluable resource for everything from hotel reviews to ideas for places to visit when you're on a fixed time schedule.  The interactive maps also help me work out hotel proximity to things like public transport and supermarkets.
  • Make an itinerary - I like seeing just how many 'free' days I have whilst away against my 'work' days.  This helps me try to fit in as many touristy things as I can on the 'free' days leaving the 'work' days just to do what I have to do and possibly squeeze in a bit of an evening explore for dinner when my work day is done.
  • Boring things - I make sure I have travel insurance, pre book my seat, check my passport, load my travel visa debit card and also get some hard currency.
  • Organise data and calls for my phone for the trip.  Because, as they say, if it's not on Instagram then it didn't really happen and you didn't really go....

Enviro shoppers I find at local supermarkets are one of my souvenir buys whenever  I travel.  Go figure.

In my suitcase:

Image result for australian colgate toothpaste
A taste of home ... Australian Colgate toothpaste.
Image via Google Images
  • Creature comforts - despite the fact that my travel invariably takes me to places with a lifestyle and living standard similar to Sydney, Type A Worrier me always fears that I'll somehow not be able to find my 'essentials' whilst staying in a hotel slap bang in the shopping district of wherever I've travelled to.  So I pack: teabags, Australian toothpaste, Australian Listerine, stainless steel cutlery and snacks.  
  • Things to replicate life at home whilst away - chargers, envirobags, travel sized skin care and the bare bones of my makeup collection.  Samples save space and are fun to try while away too.
  • Zip lock bags, a paring knife and scissors.
  • Skipping rope, speed conversion card from km/h to MPH as well as conversions from kilos to pounds for the gym.
  • Too many day clothes and not enough gym gear.  Every.  Single.  Time.

That one time I had to go to H&M in San Antonio to get spare gym tops.  They ended up being great buys - they were both on sale and tumble dry like a dream.

I only ever buy magazines these days for promising GWPs and when I'm at the airport.

At the Airport:

  • I'm usually bordering on euphoric to have just made it to the airport on time safe in the knowledge that all is well at home and at work.
  • Duty Free, baby.  See above.  Shopping under the influence of relief at international departures is a very dangerous thing indeed.
  • The lounge.  I try and get there as late as possible because I like to walk around as much as I can before the hours of sitting and waiting that lay ahead.  
  • Mimosas.  I always make myself one (or two... maximum, I promise).  It's the Vitamin C form the orange juice that makes them medicinal.

My travels around the airport often involve taking special photos to send as messages to Master SSG.

On the Plane:

  • Into my PJs and flight stockings as soon as the fasten seatbelt sign goes off.
  • I try to remember that one in the air is equivalent to three on the ground.  Actually, I always remember, I'm just not always compliant.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.
  • Water, water, water.
  • Small meals and fresh fruit where possible.
  • Walk and stretch.
  • This is probably the only part of my post that sounds remotely useful.  It will also sound very familiar because it's also the tried and tested stuff journalists always discuss when writing about how to survive long haul flights.  

Upon arrival:

Local pharmacies and supermarkets.  Numbers 1 and 2 on my list of places to visit in any new city I land in.

  • Buy whatever I've forgotten to pack at the airport before leaving for the hotel.
  • Work things out: how to get to the hotel gym, how to work the in room kettle / filter coffee machine.
  • Unpack a bit in my room before heading out for a bit of a walk in the local area.  And for coffee because plane coffee is mostly very ordinary.
  • Live / survive that first day on local time as much as possible.
  • Go to the supermarket for fruit for my room.
  • Diligently live each day of the trip as per my detailed itinerary ... NOT.
Must remember to get my T2 cube of tea bags for this trip.

What is your travel routine?  What are your best travel tips?


  1. Great tips - travel insurance and a loaded debit card are some of my faves. I usually buy a local SIM at my destination and lounge access is definitely on my travel bucket list 😀

  2. But you can double gym clothes as day gear on holiday! Just think of that next time you're packing... I think I'm the opposite when I pack. Too many ultra-casual clothes, not enough pretty, fancy stuff. Have a great time in Germany!

  3. I enjoyed reading your travel tips. Look forward to reading about your trip to Berlin #lifethisweek

  4. Great tips, I am taking note in the hope that I might get to go on some adventures soon!

  5. You're funny. So many suitcases! And raisin bran - love it. I really love the Rosehip tip. Kosmea have just sent me some rose hip oil to trial and it never occurred to me to travel with it for skin hydration. Now I will and I will think of you!

  6. It's been ages since I've taken a flight out of Australia so this was actually really helpful - I don't have a moisturising oil like that, I need to test one out before I even think of getting on a plane, haha! At least I don't have the gym difficulty when travelling - I deal with the overindulgence of food on my return, ha!

  7. I love the way you have written your tips in the different categories, SSG. I like to start our travels with a touristy tour on the Double Decker Bus Tours to give me some bearings of the layout of the city. We stayed in an Apartment in Berlin and it was wonderful, although some parts were quite emotional at the Wall and also the Holocaust Museum. The Charlotten Palace is worth seeing as well as a break from the horrors of WWII. Have a fabulous time. x

  8. I so love your trips and this even more. I am such a Tyoe A worrier that I did a practice drive to the International Airport in 2005 so I would "know" exactly where to be dropped off. I helped me though. I also carry as much with me on the plane "just in case." At Oahu before taking a domestic flight to Kona my cabin bag straps broke which mean an in the airport purchase! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek & next week's optional prompt is: Have You Ever...? Denyse


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