Sep 13, 2018

Lovin' Life 13/9/2018: Carabiners

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Today's post is in praise of the humble carabiner (it's German for 'spring hook' and totally on theme for me given that I'm days away from Berlin).  Those rainbow coloured, lightweight gadgets that campers and outdoor adventurers adore but which have also found roles in suburban life.

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It's ironic that while computers and electronics have made our lives easier in so many ways, it's come at the price of having to carry around a seemingly endless array of cards, keyless entry thingummies and remote controls.  In addition to the conventional keys that you use to secure the doors to protect whatever you're using all of the above for.

What I like about carabiners is that it makes it easy to clip things together securely while also being able to separate them just as quickly if needed.  Your car keys for example if you need to have your car serviced or cleaned. I also like the fact that I can clip a carabiner to the strap of a tote bag which prevents my bunch of keys from being lost in the depths of said bag.

Carabiners are also quite uniquely shaped which makes them easy to grab onto if you do happen to have to rummage for them in a bag or drawer. 

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I've got a carabiner attached to my work lanyard at the moment and while that's not exactly groundbreaking, what I do need to find next it an ID card holder similar to the one in this picture.  I love those card slots on the reverse side.

Have you seen anything similar in your travels on the world wide web?

Do you use carabiners for non camping and adventure sport related purposes?


  1. Hi SSG, I don't actually use these consciously but yes, I've had lanyards before so I must have used a carabiner. There you go! Not being a camper I wouldn't use them as I'm more of a 'glamper' LOL :) #Lovin'Life
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. "carabiner". Well I just learned a new word! That's a very cool thing to be lovin'. It's the little things :)

  3. Must admit I had never heard of the term 'carabiners'! I've seen them but guess I never knew what they were called. I don't have any but they would sure come in handy! #TeamLovinLife

  4. My husband is a rock climber SSG and he has a million of them in different colours - and a lot bigger than the common suburban variety. I love the colours and I love the multi-use versatility of them - and Berlin!! Wow! I'm behind on reading your posts!

  5. I don't use them only because I have never thought about it. However, we have so many things - like keys that I could use it for and so easily too.

  6. You know, I never knew the name of these before now. That's something I've learnt!

  7. Totally for keys! That way if something is forgotten in the house when the car is on, the house keys can b detached and the car can stay on.

  8. I have one attached to my backpack for my car and work keys. It's easier for me to know where each set of keys are at instead of having pull everything out of my bag.


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