Oct 26, 2018

A Meghan Moment. The Wisdom of Warnie.....

It's very exciting news for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and yes, okay, I'll admit it... me.  Isn't Meghan looking sprightly, radiant?  

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So, so, so not how I was when I was at a similar stage of pregnancy.  My prevailing memories of pregnancy revolve around fast food, the sofa, Foxtel and elasticated waists.  I am in awe of this current crop of mums to be in their shift dresses and heels as they go for hours without eating or reclining.

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The good thing about the windy days we've been having in Sydney is that I could finally have my first Meghan Moment by which I mean that one moment in time where I get to feel a little Young Royal.

I'll never have Meghan's glow or her hair but I do have a  cream Burberry trench that looks a bit Meghan.  I haven't worn it as much as I should and I'm kicking myself for 'saving' it because it's the perfect coat to wear on windy but slightly warm days.  The relaxed drape of it when you leave the front unbuttoned doesn't look as tent-like as I thought it would.

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I've been on a bit of 'fame' themed reading journey recently.  I mentioned Justine Bateman's new book 'Fame - The Hijacking of Reality' earlier this week and today I have more wise reflections on fame from a surprising source for this non-cricket following Australian citizen - Shane Warne, one of our living national treasures.

Shane was recently interviewed by Leigh Sales (one of my favourite journalists from the ABC) and the two-part special has recently been aired nationally.  I haven't had the chance to see the interview in its entirety but have been reading and listening to the media coverage of it with interest.  Shane obviously has a lot to reflect upon with regards to his own career in cricket as well as the recent controversies that have engulfed the current Australian team.  Predictably, my eyes and ears glazed over for those bits.

However, Shane also talked about his personal life and demonstrated a level of insight and self-reflection that made me take notice.  The biggest regrets of his life revolved around how his less rational actions negatively affected the lives of his children and family and also how while he realizes he made mistakes, it is also very hard to change and be a person you are not.  He goes on to talk about honesty and how this helped repair some of the damage he inflicted on his children.

His romantic relationships have been a source of inspiration for the tabloids for years and in this area, Shane also came through with some very wise words.  He was admirably diplomatic and respectful when asked about the details of his past relationships before going on to talk about his current single life with its ups and downs.

I was really surprised by how deeply I responded to this interview and how it made me reflect on my own life which is worlds away from Warne's.  

Did you watch the actual interview?  Did it affect you?

One last thing before I head off into the weekend.  The inevitable has happened at our place.  We've run out of plastic shopping bags to line the kitchen bin with so guess who's bitten the bullet and bought a roll of plastic bags specifically for that bin?  I suppose the compact rolls that these tidy bags come in are tidier than the fluffy mess of grey that previously occupied the storage shelf....

Be well and have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm dreading the day I have to buy plastic bags too, I'm rationing out the ones i have, ha! I don't buy a lot of newspapers to do the newspaper trick though.

    It's much too warm here for trench coats now, but that might be because my trench coats are on the thicker side! You do look lovely in yours!

  2. I am Leigh Sales #1 fan right now because of her book. Buy it, listen On Audible. Any Ordinary Day will have you engrossed and also probably remembering your own moments where life changed forever. I sure have. I have watched both of the Shane Warne interviews and do not have to glaze over with the cricket stuff because I follow it. I too was very impressed at his insights and the work he has done to help himself. As for the Royal couple, they made me smile a lot but I also felt for her. Just pregnant ( an announcement wise) and all this stuff she had to do but they are so in love I can see what she did. We still have some grey bags... happy weekend. Denyse x

  3. I saw the Shane Warne interview and I've actually never been a fan of his. However, his interview with Leigh Sales certainly changed my opinion of him and I found the interview very entertaining and interesting.

  4. Haha we still have a mess of plastic bags, because I'm hopeless at ripping them off the roll so hubby has been "pre-ripping" and stuffing them in the Ikea tube for me - good that it's still getting use after the plastic bag ban! I didn't catch the interview with Shane Warne but interesting to hear he might have grown up a bit - better late than never ...


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