Oct 7, 2018

A Sentence (or Two) A Day: September 2018.

It's September!  Spring has sprung!  It's also been an action-packed month for us with the school holidays and my trip to Berlin added to the mix.

Here's the low down on the month that was.  Apologies for being so late in publishing September.  I've gotten myself so confused with the change in time zones.

  1. What a sunny start to spring!  
  2. Dad, I love you.  There's so much else I could write but it all boils down to this.
  3. Here's to Monyays.  Like Friyays only that they're followed by the rest of the working week as opposed to the weekend.
  4. It's done.  I just mailed all my tax stuff to my accountant.  My work here is done.
  5. I've survived day 1 of no running until my left piriformis muscle and sacro-iliac joint heals.  I'm also sporting some very attractive taping to make sure I don't forget to rest my legs.
  6. Deep breaths.  And courage.  And empowerment through knowledge.  This too shall pass.
  7. Gratitude for my support network and that I have many positive things in my life to keep me busy and sane.
  8. A beautiful morning spent with some of my dearest friends.  We were out and about at the zoo and I said goodbye feeling refreshed but their company and the time spent outdoors.
  9. I could get used to these Sunday afternoon walks in the sun.
  10. Work, work, work.
  11. Getting some rays and getting caffeinated simultaneously in sunny Bronte this morning.  Heaven.
  12. Order created from chaos.  I love how no two days at work are ever quite the same.
  13. Home with an unwell Master SSG.  The day of rest and sunshine did him a world of good and our day together took me back to life before school when Thursdays were 'our day' of the week.
  14. Action packed.

    Master SSG's first athletics carnival and iPhone pre-order day.
  15. Absolutely stunning weather today in Sydney. 
    A prelude to summer.  I threw caution to wind as I realised 'if not now, then when?' and wore my bikini to our local 'normal people' beach. On it's own.  It was very liberating and darn it, I'll be doing it for the rest of the summer.
  16. A restful day being kind to my body and soul.
  17. Reunited with my office keys and security swipe card!  Thank you, security.  Was in such a hurry on Friday that I locked my lanyard into my office.
  18. It's .. 98 days until Christmas?!!?!? 
  19. There's just never a dull moment at work and I'm so very lucky to be able to share the joy, pain and everything in between with the best bunch of workmates ever.
  20. I managed to eat bliss balls for lunch and wear a yoga chic inspired outfit to Bronte.  Living all kinds of variations of the dream these days.
  21. Lovely news for someone at work I've been supporting through the training application process.  The scored a great trainee position which will enable them to move back to their home city.  Made me smile from the inside when I got the text with the news.
  22. Day one with the new phone.  Thank goodness my calendar and messages synced perfectly!  It's just going to be an ongoing labour of love to try and get my apps arranged just as they were on my old phone. 
    You win some and you lose some but at least I have camera!!!
  23. I have no words but in a good way.  Run, don't walk to your local Woolies.
  24. Master SSG's parent-teacher interview made up for a pretty intense day at work.  He's come so far this year, loves school and his fantastic teacher and is just so settled and comfortable.  I'm so relieved knowing that I've made the right choice for him.  I was also touched by the kindness of his class teacher.  All the feels today.
  25. Paid it forward today and helped a lady at the shops with my free parking coupon.
  26. Last day at work before the trip.  Was slightly mad but it's a wrap and I even remembered to update my 'out of office' auto reply!!  Go me.
  27. Packing and ever so slowly getting there.  I'm a bit stressed going with just the one suitcase....  First world problem central here at the moment.
  28. I made it to the airport!!!!!  Checked in, cleared security and it looks like my flight is going to be on time! 
    See you on the other side.
  29. What day is it today?  I'm not really sure.  I've scored myself a bonus 29th this month because of the flying and time zone changes. 
    So here's a pic from where I started the day in Doha at the Hamad International Airport
    and here's one from where I finished the day in Berlin.  I can't get over the symmetry and precision of both images.  Hamad International Airport is a gleaming, geometrical wonder of air transport efficiency.  There's wow factor everywhere you look.  Touching down in Berlin, I was struck from the air by just how orderly the city manages to make its buildings, roads and even trees appear.
  30. What a day!  I went on a walking tour of Berlin today. 
    Between that and trying to make the most of beautiful weather, I racked up 24,925 steps today or 14.3 km and 11 flights of stairs.  I'm going to be super fit by the end of this holiday.

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