Oct 23, 2018

Happy Tuesday.

How did it get to be October 23 already?  That's only 8 weeks until Christmas not to mention all the events and parties that need to be squeezed in beforehand.  I'm just going to stick my head in the sand and try to stay in denial for just a little while longer.

The weather has decided to return to the programme after the weekend's storm activity and I'm sitting here typing in a short-sleeved blouse.  To my mind, short sleeved is summer and it's a refreshing sensation feeling the edge of my desk with bare forearms.  It's the simple things.

Speaking of simple things, I've had many to treasure and enjoy this last week.  And since I've been pretty slack in keeping up with my gratitude journal I'm going to reflect on them in today's post.

The planets aligned across time zones over the weekend which is how a dear friend of mine and I managed to have an unscheduled WhatsApp chat about life, love and the universe.  We didn't come up with any good answers for the questions that have been on our minds but we spoke our minds and had a good laugh in the process.

I'll never take my right to vote for granted and I'm glad that our votes can precipitate history-making change and shake the complacency of the major parties.

Everyone at SSG Manor 2.0 is loving Apple's AirPods.  They are the best in-ear headphones I've ever used.  They switch on the moment I place them in my ears and just as effortlessly sync with my iPhone.  They don't fall out when I run whether it be on the treadmill or outdoors and they charge in their sturdy case.  Master SSG borrowed them for a bit the other day and he wasn't keen to give them back.

The school year has sped by and it's freaky to think that I'll be the mother of a Year One child next year!  Master SSG's progress this year continues to amaze me as does his limitless imagination.  He had me being the Prac Teacher for his animals on Sunday.  I was given a demonstration of what to do and a lesson plan before he disappeared and promised to 'be right back'.  The lesson was combined geography and 'colours'.  There are quite a few 'sunset colours' apparently.  And a lot of countries whose flags and capitals I don't know but that's not really a surprise seeing as I never actually did geography at school...  It's coming back to haunt me.

Bless.  Whatever I talk about these days always seems to return to the weather.  It's just that I'm deliriously happy to be back doing that Multiple Bay Run that takes in some very pretty views and houses along the way.  Doing the run in this weather is a happy way of counting down to summer and the season of family and fun it is for me in Sydney.  I enjoy seeing the decorations of the main street's shops transitioning from Halloween (not an observer but each to their own), The Cup (same) and then Christmas and New Years (hip hip hooray!!).  My other favourite thing about the run is the coffee I gingerly walk down the road for afterwards.

The basil in my backyard pot garden is finally growing and it's delicious with tomatoes and sea salt on toast.

I've grated my large wedge of Parmesan and now have oodles of cheese to go with my bolognese sauce and lasagna portions.  Plus a couple of bonus rinds to throw into the next batch of sauce I make.

Justine Bateman recently released a book about fame and I read an article she wrote on a similar theme online recently.  I am intrigued and am going to find the Kindle version.  Master SSG and I have a getaway with friends planned next month.  I am envisioning an hour here and there to read while he sleeps in our Air B'n'B and this will be a great addition to my reading list.

Be well.

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