Oct 17, 2018

Life This Week 15/10/2018: What I Have Learned Lately.

I've just come off a couple of weeks' leave and in between the travel, the break from routine and the family time, I've found myself relearning a few truths about life.

Always look up.  Aim for the sky and its stars.  Never look down on anyone but also never let anyone else drag you down with them.

Actively find those special moments in the day.  The ones that are just yours.  Take them in with all your senses.  Imprint them on your brain.

Never let the opportunity to be a tourist in your own city pass you by.  I went to Madame Tussaud's with Master SSG last week and we had a blast.  I got my fix of Kate and Wills as well as Amanda Keller.

Shame my selfies with T Swift and Audrey H didn't quite turn out.

Never be afraid to imagine and believe.

It's best to be just who you are rather than trying to hide your true self or to be something you are not. You’ll only end up a pale imitation of your true self and a tired one at that.  Wear those Havs to breakfast at your 5 star hotel if you want need to.

Something that is as important as being kind to yourself is giving yourself credit where its due.  Not necessarily by building yourself a gold embellished Victory Tower and creating a magnificent park around it but perhaps just a pat on the back plus or minus a glass of celebratory something.

It wasn't just luck and it wasn't just the people around you.  It was you who made it happen.  Acknowledge this and accept the rewards unapologetically.

What have you learned or relearned about life lately?

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