Oct 18, 2018

Lovin' Life 18/10/2018: In Praise of Crayola's Washable Fingerpaints.

Today I'm giving thanks for and loving ....

Crayola's Washable Finger Paints ($17AUD from Target) because true to their name, they really do wash out and off with water.  Whether it be your brass doorknobs, a prized Star Wars watch, the floorboards, your hands or those of your creative and artistic child's - it comes off with soap, water or a few wipes.

How do I know this?

Well, this was the scene at SSG Manor 2.0 at 5pm after the first day back at school.  It's a dilemma I'm sure many parents have had themselves.  It is a school night and the potential for domestic chaos is highly probable but at the same time:

  1. creativity and ingenuity is being demonstrated (that was me that bought the 20 jar multipack of glitter from KMart, each colour thoughtfully packaged in a shaker jar ala the components of a spice rack)
  2. that elusive 'free play' that leading child educators and psychologists say we're not giving our 5 year olds enough of in this age of intensely scheduled days and early preparation for what I'm not sure because we all turned out all right without the extra stuff
Of all these valid points, #3 swayed me so I sucked it up and let the free play progress.  

The aftermath wasn't as bad as I had anticipated but gee it doesn't take long for brass door knobs to start looking disco.  It was cathartic wiping down all those surfaces with my handy Costco all-purpose wipes and the glittery blue footprints on my freshly laundered bath mat are festive and entirely appropriate for the months ahead (shudder... my diary is already filling up fast with end of year commitments).

All the same, though, thank goodness for Crayola and their 100% washable paints. 

Have you had fun with paint and glitter at your place recently?  Did you take it outdoors or did the weather make you keep it indoors?  Did it all wash out?


  1. I can picture the scene clearly! Been there but NOT with the wonderful washable paint you have here (how I wish that had been around when my kids were little). BTW - the fact that it was SCREEN FREE TIME would've swayed me too. Kids need so much more of that these days! #TeamLovinLife

  2. You know what? It's been way too long since I last played with paint and glitter!

  3. I've never had kids but worry I'd be pretty intolerant re paint and mess. When I have my godson over I'm constantly picking up stuff left behind.... I've tried to avoid glitter on his visits I must admit!

  4. Oh you are brave! I have never ventured away from those 'paint with water' books at home, I'm not a clean freak by any definition, but the idea of the mess puts me off. The boys get rather boring pencils and pens, ha! I remember playing with and loving a little easel when I was younger, so maybe next christmas (I have most of this Christmas planned out, I haven't bought it all yet though!)

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

  5. Sounds like fun. I like paints. Glitter not so much. #teamlovinlife

  6. Oh my! LOL. You are so brave. But well done! Sounds like it was heaps of fun


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