Nov 27, 2018

A Day Off. It's Nearly December.

It's a day off for me, at last, and I am milking it for all it's worth.

Today I'm enjoying things that never get old.  To me, at least.  Take these rose gold clouds of the sunrises at the moment as Exhibit A.  They have been my reward for keeping at those longer runs this week.  I like that the frustrations and annoyances that sometimes build up from life in general seem to fade a bit with each kilometre I rack up.

Those Christmas feels have hit me with feeling this week.  I've just booked the last set of flights to get everyone where they need to be for the holiday break.  Adding the dates to my phone calendar helped it sink in too.  Christmas is nearly here and so too will my parents!!!!!!!

I didn't even get annoyed at being stuck in the traffic after school drop off this morning.  There was a tantalizing view of the water from where I was 'parked' at a pesky red light.

Other than that, there's not much else to report.  I saw a little too much of the work car park over the weekend.

But at least I only had to climb the stairs to Level 2A rather than Level 5B to find my car at the end of each day.

In amongst the chaos and sleep deprivation, there were words of wisdom to be found on the walls of work.

I made sure I ate and caffeinated well throughout the weekend.  I'm beginning to actually love acai bowls....

I wore aeroplane pyjamas on the ground to see if I could trick my body into thinking that I had flight related sleep deprivation rather than the work-related kind but it didn't work.  Oh well.

My basil plant was as looking as healthy and vital as I was looking the decided opposite.  I'm looking forward to plucking its leaves over the summer to garnish the pizzas I intend to have for dinner on those languid January evenings we get while the city is still chilling out from Christmas and New Years.

I was saved from myself during the infamous Black Friday sales.  My Amazon order for Master SSG's big ticket Christmas and birthday gifts went through but craziness on the J Crew site saw my payment declined on repeated attempts. 

Image result for coles christmas little shop
via Google images

It's going to be December by the end of this week!!  And Coles have launched their Christmas Edition of Little Shop.  And I'm done with all my weekends at work for the year!

Watch this space, I'm going to be progressively Christmas giddy as the days and posts progress.

Be well.

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  1. I'm looking forward to your Christmas posts too SSG! I'm excited for Christmas :)


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