Nov 30, 2018

It's Nearly Christmas So I Treated Myself At Mecca.

A box from Mecca Cosmetica is always a thing of joy and beauty to receive but they're even more of a treat when it's practically Christmas and you've treated yourself to a gift to self.

To begin with, the usual tasteful black, cream and pink packaging takes a break for the holidays and its place is a design that changes on an annual basis.  Always striking and always a little different - concepts that you never would've thought would work somehow just do when Mecca's design team is in control.  I'm not usually a fan of holographic colours and fluorescent yellow - together or apart but I love the combination that Mecca have come up with this year.

Inside my box were a few old favourites, a new to me icon of the blush world and lots of samples.  I was very impressed to see a Too Faces Sweet Peach lipgloss mini and a spray on tester of Byredo's Eleventh Hour Fragrance amongst the more standard single use foil packet samples.  Way to go, Mecca.

The new to me blush is, of course, NARS' Orgasm blush.  The super sized, special edition was on sale for $33 AUD during the online Black Friday sale.  With the regular size retailing for $39, I was pretty happy with the price and hope that Big O will be as amazing on my face as it is on practically every other blush lover in the world.  How can you not go forth with a glint in your eye and a cheeky grin on your lips ready to conquer the world after starting your morning routine with a compact that has the word 'orgasm' emblazoned across it?

I'm a huge fan of Mecca's house brand of sunscreen.  This is my second tube of their To Save Face SPF 50 ($40AUD for 75ml).  I like that it's a high SPF face product with a bit of tint to prevent it going chalky on my face.  It is a bit thick but blends out evenly.  I don't tend to wear much make up over it, just tinted moisturizer because I wear this on the days I'm planning to be outdoors for most of the day.  It wears well and hasn't broken me out ever.

I got my first spray bottle of Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray as part of a Beauty Loop gift box.  It was one of the many Beauty Loop samples I ended up being impressed with enough to shell out dollars for the full sized product.  This spray really does set make up for the day,  I noticed its benefits the most over more sheer liquid foundations because All Nighter stopped it from going all patchy on my skin. The only words of caution I have is to apply the spray after you're 110% convinced that your mascara has dried otherwise you'll end up with tracks of mascara running down your cheeks.

There is currently a duo pack of All Nighter that Urban Decay has released for Christmas.  The set of two 118 ml bottles will set you back $78 AUD while an individual bottle costs $49.

Do you save up your Mecca purchases for Christmas just for the packaging?

Did NARS' Big O blush work for you?

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