Nov 12, 2018

Life This Week 12/11/2018: I Remember....

I'll always remember these three words.

I.  Get.  To.

It had been a long and difficult day and I was finally alone and free to spend a few (!!) minutes scrolling through my Instagram feed before going to bed, hopefully falling asleep straight away and then waking up at crazy o'clock to do it all over again.

'I get to...' was the subject of a post of one of the many motivating and inspiring people I follow on The 'Gram.  How embarrassing that I can't remember who it actually was.  But thank you for your life changing wisdom.

The idea of 'I get to...' is to replace 'I have to ... *insert eye roll and loud groan*...' with the challenge of 'I get to...' instead.  It was at once both so obvious but also so hard.  To simply change your intention regarding a specific task from resentment to possibility.

A switch flicked for me that night and I drifted to sleep pondering the possibilities and the freedom that those words now offered me.  Instead of resentment building within me at the mere thought of having to do  X for the billionth time, I now get possibilities instead:

  • the chance to learn something new when work gets even busier
  • an endorphin rush and a boost to my mental wellbeing when I hit the road for a run or the gym at dawn
  • more time to spend parenting the little guy who one day won't be waking up randomly and wanting me by his side at 2 in the morning (I'm a bit nervous about 2 in the mornings when he's a teenager I must admit)
  • that after paying the mechanic for all the stuff that needs to be done to my car, I'll have something safe to drive for at least another year for a cost that's much more palatable than buying a new car.

What do you 'get to' do?


  1. OMG that concept is exacty what I needed to hear today. I had a massive meltdown over the weekend about all the things I have to do. This turns it all on its head. Have a great week.

  2. That's cool. Such little words. But packs a punch!

  3. A great way to look at things! #lifethisweek

  4. Like Jo, I needed this today SSG. I've been struggling lately and overwhelmed with life at the moment. Your wise words have really helped me change my attitude. Have a beautiful week and thank you xx

  5. I get to have a job where I can take it easy after a rough day of headaches yesterday.

  6. That's a really good message I'm going to try and apply to my life as well. Thanks for sharing that!

  7. Well, there we all are...we needed to read these words too! I GET TO...wonderful shift, for sure!

    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is "Best Cake I Have Eaten". P.S. I think mine will have several entries!! Denyse


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