Nov 5, 2018

Life This Week 5/11/2018: Share Your Snaps.

I love that it's 'November Already'.  Summer is definitely in the air.  Celebration planning is well under way.  I feel as if we've all worked so hard these last ten months that we're entitled to enjoy these final two months.  

To that end, I am happy to report that my snaps this week are all happy ones!

Let's take a look....

We followed the masses to Bondi Beach for Sculptures by the Sea.

The lure of that stunning beach was almost too much for us at one point but we pulled ourselves in the opposite direction to begin the walk that would take us through a diverse collection of art installations.

There was something for everyone to ponder or Instagram.

The backdrop of the ocean and the cliffs gave each work an otherworldly appearance.

Unexpected sculptures were our reward for looking closely into the rocks and vegetation on the non ocean side of the path.

Cats stretched on the rocks over there while an upcycled old microwave could be seen in a little nook in the rock that seemed almost made for it.  A kind of natural kitchen nook.

The whole walk is a couple of kilometres long and while most adults could happily walk its length (even with the Saturday morning crowd), it was too much for Master SSG.

He begged to be taken to Icebergs so that he could have a look at the pool and dream of when he'd be old enough to swim there on his own.

I had 13 minutes of enforced 'me time' the following morning.  

I was 13 minutes early for the supermarket so I had no choice but to sit quietly as I sipped my coffee and did absolutely nothing.  I didn't even stress about potentially running late on account of this little delay at the shops.  That's the power of November for you.

All good, I know that 1 is dodgy...  But isn't the 7 relatively legible?

Do you write your '7' with a line through it?  As a person with very bad handwriting, it's been a must for me to make a clear difference between my '1' and '7'.  Google tells me this is a quirk of European and South American countries.  Which possibly explains why Master SSG told me that my lined '7' 'destroys' the number.  He might have picked that up that exact phrase from school.

I love the diversity November brings to my fruit bowl.  Mango cheeks after dinner make me feel as if I'm on a resort somewhere instead of winding down from a long day and preparing for the one to follow.

Invites are done and ready to email for Master SSG's sixth birthday party.

I spent $15 on limes to make Bake, Play, Smile's Easy Lime Slice.  So worth it, though.

And we've packed all the essentials for our road trip for a weekend in the Blue Mountains.  Champange not pictured.

Do you love November more than the 10 months that precede it?


  1. I usually love November a bit more if I'm organised for Christmas! I'm feeling a bit behind and scatterbrained at the moment with it all! But I do love the sunny warm days that let you get out and about over the weekends! :)

  2. I love this November as I'll be going to Morocco and autumn is at its peak where I live. Have fun in the Blue Mountains! #lifethisweek

  3. It's a fabulous time of year, isn't it SSG? I love that mangoes are here so that means Summer holidays are on the way and the Sculptures by the Sea are in a perfect setting to while away a pleasant afternoon. Thanks for sharing #Lifethisweek and have a beautiful day. x

  4. Limes are crazy expensive at the moment. I bought the bottled lime juice in a moment of thrift but it tastes horrid. I am planting a lime tree this winter! Also, I put a line through my 7 - my kids went to a french school where it was de rigeur and I adopted the habit. Makes it so much clearer imo, esp compared to the European 1 which has a long nose

  5. I've never been to a Sculptures By The Sea,but it looks great! Have a lovely week x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. Great happy pics! I still haven't had a mango this season. Must rectify that immediately! Didn't visit Sculptures this year...the crowds tend to turn me off a bit. Hope you have a fab week ahead!

  7. I've walked Sculptures of the Sea a few years back and boy, the regular walkers & runners made their disgust known (sorry i know you are a runner)....and my GD only went so far. It is a long walk...and we came back to enjoy an early lunch at the beach. I find parking anywhere in Sydney especially near a beach is impossible!! I would totally love that lime slice. MMMMM

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Optional prompt next week is "I Remember".


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