Nov 1, 2018

Lovin' Life 1/11/2018: Hash Browns.

This placard made me smile on the way into work on Monday morning.

It had been a long night on call, I was sleep deprived and not too sure how I'd get through the day.  I was also running late because of course Monday traffic is always especially bad when you're least equipped to deal with it.

But hash browns make everything better, don't they?

I have fond memories of summer holiday breakfasts after swimming or biking along the foreshore with my family where hash browns were the key food item we all included with our Maccas breakfast orders.

The then Toddler SSG was impartial to a sliver of hash brown for breakfast when he got more confident with solids.

Hash browns also make me think of holidays and hotel buffet breakfasts.  Especially in Singapore of all places.

Do you have any happy hash brown memories?


  1. Hash browns can cure all SSG :) My memories of childhood are catching the bus to Circular Quay then the ferry to Manly for fish and chips and the beach. Hash browns weren't around then - even McDonalds wasn't :)

  2. Hash browns remind me of summer holidays at the beach with my family when I was a kid. xo :-) #TeamLovinLife

  3. Hash browns are the only thing I'll eat at maccas haha. But I like to slather mine with vegemite and that tends to disturb people a great deal. Especially maccas staff who think I'm just trying to steal vegemite for home when I ask for it with my hash brown

  4. Hash browns are my tried and true hangover cure. As well as plain corn chips and Coke Zero.

  5. Hash browns make everything better - and are the only things I eat at Maccas.

  6. I love hash browns (and chips!). Happily many are gluten free - including McDonalds (which is one of the only things I can eat at McDonalds).

  7. Hash browns are amaze-balls!! I don't have them often but love em when I do

  8. It's funny because I only picture eating hash browns on holidays... never in my normal every day living. lol


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