Nov 15, 2018

Lovin' Life 15/11/2018: Advent Calendars.

It's just two weeks until the first of December and I'm already beside myself with the anticipation and the excitement.  Family, food, ultra long long-weekends....  and advent calendars.

I am excessive when it comes to the calendars.  We each have a gift based calendar and ... one filled with chocolate.  All four calendars take pride of place on the mantlepiece and we are both surprisingly very good about only opening one window per day.

The windows get opened in the evening (as an inducement to get through showers and the rest of our pre-dinner routine ASAP) and we count up from window number 1.  I don't actually know anyone who counts down from number 24 but it does kind of make sense to be 'counting down' to Christmas Day.

This year's chocolate calendars are the Lindor and Kinder versions that I found at Woolies.

Master SSG will also be opening the Star Wars Lego calendar while I'll be getting through this one ...

Image result for aldi wine advent calendar 2018

Just kidding.  It's the Aldi wine advent calendar in case you were curious and it costs $79.99.  It was released yesterday.  Fingers crossed your local store still has one for you.

This is my actual second advent calendar...

It's from L'Occitane and features the vibrant artwork of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, the French designer.  L'Occitane is one of my favourite places to shop at Christmastime.  Not only are their gifts lavishly packaged but they always have generous gifts with purchase plus the 'more is more' approach to samples.

Do you open an advent calendar or two for Christmas?  Chocolate, beauty, books or booze?


  1. Bâbor advent calendar. $$$ but used it last year. It was the best gift to my skin as we went from 40 degrees in Sydney to European winter overnight. Would recommend it & normally I would wince at paying this much. Den x

  2. I love a good advent calendar. I go from no. 1 down too. The best one I've seen was one filled with different miniature gins (or whiskies) at Harvey Nicks when we were there just before Christmas in 2015. Have a great weekend...

  3. I love advent calendars. I'm giving lots this year instead of xmas presents. I even made 2 for my secret santas - 25 little wrapped things - some jokes, some real, for my secret santas...

  4. We used to do the advent calendar thing when the kids were little but it's fallen by the wayside now they're all grown up. Bit sad - I miss it! Maybe I should start it up again - just for me! :-) xo #TeamLovinLife

  5. Oh yes, I keep seeing those wine ones advertised and think 'that's what I need'. Though I don't drink white wine so it'd be kinda wasted. Maybe a prosecco one?

  6. Advent calendars are a great idea - I've never seen anyone with more than one before - I love that you've gone full on with these and I bet your son LOVES them!

  7. Hi SSG, I've never really used Advent Calendars but my daughter has with her son. I'm actually writing in December about a different way to use them so watch out for my post :)

  8. I'm trying the T2 loose leaf advent calendar this year. Can't wait!

  9. That first calendar you posted up there ... the whitish Christmas tree looking one ... looks gorgeous!

    We've never done Advent calendars to be honest. I love that you do though

  10. Loved the Aldi Wine one!! Hoping there will be some of those in Portugal :)


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