Nov 22, 2018

Lovin' Life 22/11/2018: Two Bagged Tea.

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This week I'm loving my two tea bagged mugs of tea first thing in the morning.

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes both the party season but also the tying up of loose ends season.  One or the other is exhausting but simultaneously?  With the added complexity of the school year finishing way earlier than the working world does before Christmas thrown in for free?  It's the kind of 'but wait there's more...' you don't really want to be receiving.

Which is why I love, nay need. my two tea bagged mug of tea first thing in the morning. 

I love the soothing richness of those first few sips (with just over a dash of milk) which I sip at the kitchen bench as I mentally run through all (dramatic eye roll) I need to get through over the rest of the day.  The sun eventually rises, the birds begin to chirp and the first of the cars hit the streets.

I get to the bottom of the mug.  It always feels far too soon.

The mug gets rinsed and popped into the dishwasher.  I turn back to the real world, ready as I'll ever be for whatever it's going to throw at me.


  1. Aaah yes... I have my first & only coffee for the day down at the beach after I finish my walk. But I love my cup of tea sitting at the kitchen bench before I log into work. Mine is black - English Breakfast...and it's the best cuppa of the day. Cheers!

  2. I need to start my day with a coffee, SSG but I do enjoy a quiet cup of tea in the afternoons. Take care and take time for you xx

  3. I've not heard of this but I love the hearts on the tea bag...

  4. I really enjoyed reading that. So lyrical and positive. Or filled with resolve perhaps?

    I'm not a tea / coffee drinker but NEED my caffeine via some version of diet coke first thing each day. I'm feeling a bit directionless at the moment though so not really getting up early and perhaps I need to change that.

  5. I also enjoy a two teabag cup - but usually in the evening towards the end of my day. I'm more a night owl and rarely have the time to enjoy a slow sip in the morning. Your habit sounds lovely. Visiting from Lovin' Life Linkup

  6. I only recently learned that two teabags is what makes it stronger, not leaving it in longer! I'm not very knowledgeable about tea!

  7. I'm a coffee girl but I do admit to loving the look of teacups and also the smell of the different varieties of tea available. Coffee mugs don't quite measure up (though they do come with some great slogans if you're that way inclined)

  8. Me too! That first sip of tea in the morning is divine. #TeamLovinLife


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