Nov 29, 2018

Lovin' Life 29/11/2018: Nature All Around Me.

As we head into the silly season with all its (pleasant) excesses of food, drink and material things, there's a lot to be said for that other luxury the holiday break also affords us.  Days off from our everyday routines and responsibilities to just get out our front door and explore the diverse natural landscapes we are so lucky to have within our cities.

This week's love is simply the world around me and how much I've seen of it over the last few weekends.  I've sought inspiration from these photos to plan a few days of wandering over my Chrismas New Year break.

I will forever have a tourist's awe of Bondi Beach

ditto the Blue Mountains.

I've seen spring at Blackheath

and the sun rising over the streets closer to home.

Could we also take a moment to also appreciate the magnificence that is a jacaranda tree in bloom?

Have you been touched by the natural beauty of where you live this week?  Are you staycationing this Christmas?


  1. I agree you never lose the tourist awe of Sydney - I get it every time I go to the Opera House, even tho I'm there almost weekly!

  2. I'll be staycationing this Christmas - and so looking forward to a week or so off work. It will be hanging about the pool, early mornings and late afternoons at the beach and the occasional drive into the hinterland.

  3. Great photos. I'm a bit "over" Bondi at the moment but having said that I do love that cliff top walk. Now THAT is pure awe. That pic of the Blue Mountains is fantastic.It's been a gazillion years since I've been there.

  4. Aren't the jacarandas beautiful at this time of year SSG? We have some wonderful ones in bloom in WA too. I can't wait for the Christmas break. We have a week at Rottnest next week and then three weeks off over Christmas - bring it on!

  5. We will be staying at home again this Christmas - we usually don't go anywhere and the times I have tried to organise something the dates have never lined up. I have a few days off work, nothing much but enough to give me a chance to relax and unwind a little :)

  6. I've actually never been to Bondi Beach but would love to go. Well, not to the beach, but the pool that's there and the restaurant/cafes etc... it's so iconic.

    I've been to the Blue Mountains once in the early 1990s and thought it was lovely!

  7. I'm staycationing this holiday. It's usually winter wonderland and white Christmas where I am and I love it. #teamlovinlife


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