Nov 13, 2018

The Updo Life.

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I'll admit it.  The Dyson Airwrap was high on my list of Christmas Self Gifts this year.  The $700 hair miracle worker promises salon standard results on your hair with only a fraction of the heat damage.  But, I know deep in my heart that I just don't have the patience to interchange appliance heads as I go from left to right.  While bouncy curls would be lovely, I habitually scrape my hair up into ponytails at work and for most of the time that I'm not at work too, now that I think about it.

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Thank goodness, once again, for the magical, educational, cheap and cheerful world of YouTube video tutorials.  Thanks to the good old YT, I managed to find two very helpful tutorials about how to style my hair into updos worthy of both work and the onslaught (it's all relative) of invites I have for parties and funtions for the rest of the year.  All I needed to purchase was a can of hairspray, which I found for $5 at Woolworths.

Other necessary equipment includes:
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the humble bobby pin

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hair elastics (unfortunately my hair is too thick for these snagless elastics)

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a hairbrush and last but not least......  

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days old unwashed hair, the older the better!!!!!!

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One of the keys to updos for shortish hair is mastering the 'topsy tail'.  It helps create volume at the crown and an anchor point to pin the rest of your hair to.  You could get yourself a topsy tail tool but I found it pretty easy to just flip my ponytail 'through itself' instead.  Then it's just a matter of creating the topsy tails where they best suit your hair length relative to your scalp.

My hair is currently shoulder length with heavy layering and ummm... a ridiculously expensive balyage through it.  The updos I've borrowed from the following YouTubers were both quick to execute and made my hair look almost as good as theirs.  What's more, these updos have lasted entire days and beyond at work without the need to be redone at lunchtime.

All three of the looks in Ashley Bloomfield's video above are easy to put together however look #1 worked best for me.

Alex Gaboury's do in this video is demonstrated on long hair but I could achieve it easily with mine as well.

Have you done anything interesting to your hair recently?

Do you love a good YouTube DIY video for hair and beauty inspiration?

The Dyson Airwrap?  Have you or will you?


  1. I used to love playing with my hair, but once I went short, I don't think about it as much. I did get some cute bobbies from Lilla Rose that I have been wearing quite a bit.

  2. I so want the airwrap which is silly as i have a curler that works perfectly and I can't even remember the last time I blow dried my hair, haha!

    I have been putting my hair up a lot more often lately as it's so long and so hot in the heat - I need to do more than the classic ponytail though so thanks for sharing these videos! :)

  3. I love a good DIY hair video. I'll be checking these out. Hair spray is your friend. I have long thick hair and I use the babyliss rotating brush which is about $100 - I would never pay $700 for the Dyson thingy. The babyliss is fantastic - I dry my hair to almost dry using an ordinary dryer and then finish it with this. It gives it volume and a nice bounce.


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