Dec 1, 2018

A Sentence (Or Two) A Day: November 2018.

And I'm back with another month of A Sentence (Or Two) A Day.  Just in time for one of my favourite months of the year ... November!

It's been a busy month now that I look back upon it.  Work and life in general were both running at fever pitch.  Just to make sure everything could be squeezed in before December 1 which is that date in my head when the holidays begin.  Even though I'll still be working, whatever happens after December 1 just doesn't seem to have the same stress level associated with it compared to it happening in the 11 other months of the year.
  1. It's going to be an expensive month.  Heaps of things need to be done to my car to keep it registered.  
  2. And the weekend starts now.  Off on our road trip and what cracking weather for it too.
  3. Our home for the weekend in Leura.  It's the perfect base for the four families of four kindergarten aged BFFs who blissfully explored every level and every room of this house without ever getting bored.
  4. I am fully recharged after a weekend spent relaxing, talking, thinking, eating, drinking, reading, exploring and feeling very much part of an amazing circle of friends.
  5. The invites for Master SSG's 6th birthday party went out electronically today.  Fingers crossed I got all the emails correct.
  6. What's not to like about baking with Callebaut choc chips? 
    I'm making peanut butter and choc chip baked oats with them.  Of course they're kind of healthy.
  7. It's been a day of paying it forward and just being here if I'm needed in other ways.
  8. I visited Master SSG's school art exhibition today and I've come away humbled at the effort the art department made in putting it all together so that each student had a chance to have their work so professionally displayed.
  9. It's been one of those days.  Wonderful highs and draining lows.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
  10. I went to my first Wellness Triathlon today at Centennial Park. 
    It was every bit as intriguing as its name suggests.
  11. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  We will never forget your ultimate sacrifice.
  12. Happy news day!  I'm terrible at keeping secrets but I'm trying.
  13. Lee Lin and Ray... two of Australia's finest on the one Uber Eats ad. 
    Perfect start to the day.
  14. What a day.  Commuted on the train with people who go to actual offices in the city to work.  So excited.  But I also forgot my own work swipe card in the commotion.  It was a long day.
  15. Car rego done, I even met the criteria for free rego this year.  I never meet the criteria for free anything from the government.  It's a red letter day!
  16. The HSC must be over.  There were so many L-platers on the roads today.  I remembered what it was like back in the day so I was careful and gave them lots of space.  Good on you, L-platers of Sydney.  I salute your bravery!
  17. Christmas tastes like.... 
    Peppermint Cookie and Gingerbread flavoured Lindor.
  18. I always feel a great sense of achievement pottering around in my back garden tidying it up.  Ast the end of it all, I sit on the deck and take in the relatively tidy lawn and the pots of herbs I've been growing.
  19. Well, that was a Monday I'm glad I survived.  It was actually better than I had anticipated.  Not by much but it's a small win.
  20. I had the unique experience of being at the headmaster's office this morning for morning tea.  It was a parent feedback session and I actually had a lot to say.  It was also great to meet parents from different year groups.
  21. A really rewarding day at work seeing how far some really unwell people have come in the last few days.  One of the reasons I love my job.
  22. Gave my knees a rest and went for a swim today.  I love that post-swim feeling of loosening that my muscles get.
  23. The older I get, the more the thought of Christmas shopping terrifies me. 
    I was proactive today and got all of Master SSG's big-ticket gifts on Amazon.  Feeling accomplished.
  24. It's been a brutal day at work. 
    At least I only had to climb the stairs to 2A to get my car on the way home rather than 5A which is where I usually am during the week.
  25. This is going to end well.  Full day at work on 2 hours maybe of sleep.  Thank goodness this is the last big weekend of work for the year!!!!!!!!
  26. Mondays.  I'm a bit over them to be honest.  
  27. On the other hand, I love Tuesdays because they're my day off and I really, really needed this one.
  28. So glad to be home safe and dry after a wet and wild Wednesday. 
    Thanks to everyone else on the road for being so patient and safety conscious.  I am also a bit sheepish about getting annoyed earlier this month over how much I had to spend on fixing my car.  The repairs gave my peace of mind today.
  29. It's still so bleak and grey today. 
    Is it really going to be summer this weekend?
  30. Friyay at last!  Off to work Christmas drinks tonight and when I wake up tomorrow, it will be ... December!!!!!!

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  1. What a must month. When you put it all down into sentences it really shows how much happened. I love your picture of the Jacaranda tree. Our climate is too cold for them so I never see them except in photos.

    It's funny how December is considered holiday time. I am the same, as if my mind needs to switch off and turn on Christmas mode on December 1.!

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl


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