Dec 10, 2018

Life This Week 10/12/2018: Share Your Snaps.

Disclaimer: they're mostly not about Christmas. 

Without further ado... the snaps that were.

A freshly chilled towel from the gym's vending machine because I forgot to bring my own from home.  I don't think it was intentionally sold as a chilled towel but it was in the same machine as the pre-mixed protein shakes and I can't imagine anyone drinking that stuff at any other temperature than very, very chilled.

I bit the bullet and bought myself next year's desk diary and calendar.  I forgot to get my wall calendar while I was at it, unfortunately.  Hope Aldi does a calendar special buy this year.  I've written the school holidays and my work roster on my desk diary already.  Having it all done now makes the pain of returning from the Christmas/New Year break (marginally) less intense.

Master SSG received this beautiful hand-painted card from his kindergarten teacher.  We will both treasure it forever.

Christmas gifting.  Didn't take me long, did it?  Anyway.  After a few false starts, I found my mojo this week and got all the nephews' gifts.  I feel a bit bad because I asked both sets of parents for gift ideas and then went rogue and bought whatever caught my fancy at Kidstuff (which has incidentally just canned its dollars off for points accrued scheme... not happy, Kidstff).

How amazing was this cloud formation as the sun rose over the bay on my Friday morning run?

Further on the theme of sun-inspired hues, I've made my first cheesecake crust of the season.  My attempt at being creative with Butternuts was an epic fail.  Morning Coffee and Marie biscuits produce a better crumb and because they're drier, they absorb melted butter rather than go gluggy in it like the Butternuts did.  Just as well I'm within walking distance of a Woolworths.

How good is the service over at The Iconic?  I ordered an emergency replacement pair of white Birki Madrids on Friday night and they arrived Saturday morning.  On free regular shipping and with a $20 discount thanks to a promo code The Iconic sent me.  Love your work too, Australia Post.

Fresh white Birkis and a Panama hat.  Together they will anchor many a look this summer, I reckon.

Guess where I was on Saturday morning?

With most of Sydney at The Grounds in Alexandria.  Where its default mode of being a foodie's wonderland was taken up a few notches to 'Christmas wonderland inspired by The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' mode.

We were there at 8.30am and it was already packed inside.

The boys sipped freshly squeezed fruit juices that were given The Grounds zhoosh (an actual word and its actual spelling!  I checked before hand) while I enjoyed a deconstructed mocha.

I was so grown up I did no even spoon out any of the chocolate inside the mug before mixing my drink...

What's your life looked like this week?  Have you a favourite photograph to remember it by?


  1. The Grounds looks so fun! :) I'm usually impressed by the fast shopping from the Iconic too, but I ordered something that was supposed to arrive last week and it's still not here yet, with no updates. I'm going to give it a few days before I try contact them. Like you I also ordered sandals, haha!

  2. You have certainly put me in the festive mood SSG. I love the hat and sandals. I finished my shopping for the grandchildren on the weekend so that's a big tick off my list. I'm a diary girl too and my husband gave me a 2019 diary for my birthday. Can't wait to use it although with new stationery I always like looking at the clean pages before I ruin them with my writing. Is that weird?? LOL:) Have a great week!

  3. The Grounds in Alexandria looks like so much fun to visit! I'm jealous haha xx

  4. This is the second post I've seen today featuring The Grounds Christmas decorations - they look so extra and my FOMO is real! I never knew that about the butternuts in the cheesecake base, I will have to squirrel that fact away for future reference! I usually use Granita which is the closest thing to a British digestive. And yes, Australia Post have been outstanding this Christmas. My postie deserves a medal :)

  5. I just love the card from the teacher, isn't that special? Your photos of the week show a diverse and eclectic mix of activities and all fun! #lifethisweek

  6. I love the pre-season/almost the season snaps from you each year. I love your anticipation and the cooking and the excitement. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek .Next week's optional prompt is....wait for it...Christmas! 2nd last one for 2018. Denyse

  7. Loving your snaps from the week. The morning sun in Rose Bay and the colours are beautiful.


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