Dec 17, 2018

Life This Week 17/12/2018: Christmas... So Far.

This is how Christmas has been looking for me.

The big tree is up in the square where all the fancy stores are across the road.  Its glitter and sparkle catches my eye as I get into the zone for the final kilometres towards home on my runs in the morning.

It's full school Christmas holiday mode here.  Sleep ins, takeaway coffees on weekday mornings, babycinos with extra marshmallows (there were three but one fell off so I had to eat it ).

How cute are these perfectly iced gingerbreads from David Jones?  I know my strengths and I also know my limits.  Which is why I won't be attempting to replicate these at home this year.

It's begun again.  Coles' Little Shop is back for Christmas.  Guess who got sucked in and is attempting to collect two full sets by the end of the promotion?

It's always been surreal having The Grounds and its urban farm / food providore message in the middle of light industrial Alexandria but their take on Christmas this year has taken this little oasis for foodies to the next level.  You wouldn't have thought fake frosted Christmas trees and oversized sweets would work in the outdoors during an Australian summer but it does.

Inside, the kitschy and cute Christmas message was expressed through lavishly decorated cakes.

We found a table that looked into the kitchen where a half dozen bakers were decorating endless trays of perfect cakes that were then put on display in retro glass fronted fridges.

Outside, the Christmas market featured fruit mince pies, fruit cakes and Christmas themed plants to bring home.

Meanwhile, at SSG Manor 2.0, I've been very diligent about opening the drawers of my advent calendar each morning.

And I've said many words of thanks to Amazon for delivering Master SSG's Christmas presents with enough time to spare for me to sneak them into the house and wrap them.

How are you feeling about Christmas now that it's less than a week away?  No pressure or anything.


  1. I'm loving the season so far and getting into Christmas baking even though there's only the 3 of us to eat it this year - my daughter's work is getting all the excess and loving it. Those cakes looked amazing at the Grounds...I can't believe I've never been there. When we lived in Sydney we were in the Hills - and everything else seemed so far away.

  2. I'd be very tempted to eat the gingerbread cookies and some cakes. Looks like you're ready for Christmas. Enjoy!

  3. Ok I so did not know it'e less than a week away haha. I'm still in denial it's December.

  4. I am excited for Christmas getting so close! I'm not as organised though, I still have to wrap most of my presents! I plan to do some of them tomorrow while the boys are at daycare :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I'm feeling a bit frantic trying to get all my Christmas gifts made but at least I don't have to worry about shopping for gifts so there's always a flip side! My SIL is getting remarried on the Gold Coast this weekend so I'm a bit too excited about that to even contemplate Christmas! That said, I wish I could have made it The Grounds, it looks so festive! And you look like you're very organized - yay for Amazon!

  6. I love your pre-Christmas posts! Hope work settles enough for you to say "see ya" for a while and enjoy all the Christmas means to you...and congrats on surviving your first year as a School Mum...only 12 to go!!

    Thank you for your connections & comments on #lifethisweek in 2018. It has been fun and I welcome you back in 2019. Next week's optional prompt is "We Made It". The last one in 2018. Denyse x


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