Dec 24, 2018

Life This Week 24/12/2018: Christmas Eve. WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!

We've made it to Christmas Eve!!!!!!

Yes, even me.  The person who started Friday morning having to wear my white T-shirt back to front for a day at work because I had somehow managed to pour coffee down my front twice before 8.30am.....

Hopefully, you're also on the tail end of things at work (if you're not officially out of the office already).  Like me, you're probably frazzled, sleep deprived but also excited and kind of relaxed.  Just the state to be in as you read this 'all over the place but in a festive kind of way' post.  This week's theme might be 'free choice' but my take is looking more free range....

The Christmas tree at my hairdresser's new salon, Soho on Crown.  Book in while you can :-)

As always, I have no idea how we got here so fast but I'm not complaining.

Not the shoes I have in mind for Christmas Day.

We've survived the party season - work things, school things, family and friends things.  We've dressed up and dressed down.  It's the home stretch now and if your family is anything like mine, tomorrow is going to be a celebration of food, family and togetherness.  In the comfiest clothes possible.  And shoes if you must...

I'm looking forward to a few sneaky glasses of pre-lunch champagne tomorrow as well.

These are my impulse buys from Woolies' 50% off pre-Christmas sale rack.  A silver garland that I intend to use as a centrepiece for the dining table and a snow globe that I actually will fit inside the garland on the day because together they look like just the right amount of OTT kitsch that would be perfect for the array of food I intend to serve.

I've gone and clashed with the silver and frost with this pair of hair clips.  I'm going to wear them instead of reindeer ears because they're obviously more age-appropriate than ears or a Santa hat.  

And with that, we're on the home stretch to Christmas Day.  Mariah Carey is non ironically on repeat in the car, the study is lined neatly with mum and dad's suitcases and the freezer has a litre carton of dad's favourite vanilla ice cream.

The handmade decorations from Kindergarten have been added to (the top of) the tree.

I've done my Aldi run.  Fortunately, they still had plenty of my Christmas lunch MVP in stock.  Aldi's Turducken roast is too easy to bake for lunch and the leftovers make excellent toasties / filled croissants the next day.  I just need to remember to get some fancy camembert to make the toasties even more extra.

Also from Aldi is this Black Forrest Stollen.  Perfect first thing on Christmas Day with a mug of tea.

We have a decorated gingerbread house courtesy of school holiday day camp as well as a festively painted centrepiece for the table.  The laptop's shut and Lego assembly has taken over from tapping away at a keyboard.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. 

May your break be filled with love, togetherness, food and maybe even Santa!

Much love and God bless.


  1. Merry Christmas SSG! The year has gone so fast but we are off down the coast later today to start our Christmas eve family time and craft and cookie making traditions so aside from the cookies, the food is bought, the presents wrapped, and I'm looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. Have a great one!

  2. Your centrepiece looks great. We're having Christmas dinner here with just the 3 of us & I'm yet to come up with something interesting & remotely festive for the table. Wishing you guys a really happy Christmas & thanks for the connection this year.

  3. What a beautiful post. I too loved end of year at school even when it was crazy busy, the air was tinged with both excitement and end of year tension. As I write this, you have 2 days under your belt so to speak and I hope they have been splendid. The weather sure did turn it on.

    Thank you for joining the LAST #LifeThisWeek in 2018. Next one starts in 10 days and has the optional prompt: 1/51. Hello Again. 7/1/19. Thanks for your support of the link up in 2018. Denyse.


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