Dec 13, 2018

Lovin' Life 13/12/2018: This Week's Top Five.

This week I'm loving the following five things about life:

1.  Empty hangers.   

I was ruthless with my wardrobe culling efforts this week.  My wardrobe looks much less crowded and it's actually liberating having fewer things to choose from each day.

2.  Country Road.  

It's been decades since I've shopped there.  They lost me a while back when they stopped making suits and then again when they disappeared into a few seasons of non-descript sweats but I had time on my hands this week and with their 20% off sale, I was up for having a bit of a look see.

There were so many beautiful prints and also dresses that are going to be perfect for a summer spent in my bathers.

How fortuitous was it that I made all that wardrobe space over the weekend!

3.  Hotel toiletry samples.  

The school holidays have seen me slip into semi-holiday mode myself.  I'm in less of a rush in the morning.  I get myself a sneaky coffee from down the road just because.  I've recreated the holiday hotel room vibe in my bathroom with a selection of toiletries from the pile that I've amassed from my travels.  It's definitely making me feel a bit more glam and spoiled in the morning.  As a bonus, I'm making even more room in my wardrobe by getting through all those bottles.

4.  Homegrown basil.

The basil in the pots at my back door has really taken off and with such minimal effort on my part.  The only thing is, I suspect the possums have been helping themselves to the best leaves.  I'm determined to not let them get it all this summer so I've been eating my tomato sandwiches with a bit of basil.  The combination, with sea salt tastes of summer.

5.  This weather.

The early sunrises, the late sunsets.  The beautifully clear sun, the gentle breeze in the afternoon.  The warmth on your skin when you're in the sun, the coolness of the shade when you're sitting in it.

Love you, Sydney.


  1. Both of those dresses look fabulous. I've been in town this week - got home last night - and working out of the office in George Street. I'd forgotten quite how busy Pitt Street Mall and George St got at Christmas time! Enjoy what's left of your week & have a great weekend.

  2. I need to do the very same thing - go through my wardrobe!! There is so much hanging there that I never wear. Lots needs to go and then I too will have some spare hangers! Well done on growing the basil! #TeamLovinLife

  3. Fresh tomato and basil, yum! Enjoy summer and have a nice weekend. #TeamLovinLife

  4. I love hotel toiletries. (that's a bit weird, now that I say it.)


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