Dec 20, 2018

Lovin' Life 20/12/2018: Five Things.

Five things I've loved about life this week:

1.     Mi Goreng for Dinner.

It's the ultimate lazy dinner / comfort food.  With lots of Asian greens and a couple of baked drumsticks.

2.     Operation PJs from Cotton On Kids.

Currently one of Master SSG's favourite board games, 'Operation' PJ sets are now available at Cotton On.  I am hit by waves of nostalgia just thinking about 'Operation'. Its first hurrah would've been around when I was a kid.

3.     Green spaces.

I'm so lucky to have ready access to the public parks and gardens of my neighbourhood.  They are peaceful sanctuaries which restore both bodies and souls by virtue of their greenness.

4.     Finishing every last scrap of your current lip balm before beginning on a new one.

Not much more to say really.  It's a very satisfying feeling.  I'm a new convert to Lanolips.  LemonAid delivers like every other product in the Lanolips range with the added bonus of smelling like lemonade icy poles.  So summer.

5.     The customer service at Lululemon.

I'd heard rumours that Lululemon had a very generous exchange, refund and return policy and I experienced it firsthand this week.  A pair of mesh detailed tights I bought a few weeks ago developed a small but annoying tear on one side after I'd worn them a couple of times and cared for them as per their label.  I'd bought them on sale so wasn't sure just how sympathetic customer service would be but I thought I'd try anyhow.

My fault was very efficiently managed and I was able to bring my online ordered item to my local store for an exchange of a current season version of my tights. Minus the mesh.  I think I'm too clumsy and impatient to have mesh detailed anything last in my activewear wardrobe.

Well played, Lululemon!

Have you experienced exceptional customer service recently?

What's your favourite meal from a packet?


  1. I am constantly amazed by the abundance of green space in Sydney (relatively speaking). The one at Darling Point - McKell Park - Stunning! Spent a lot of time there when Tahlia was modelling in Sydney as her agent had an office nearby. So pretty

    Merry Christmas SSG. Thanks so much for being there this year xoxo

  2. I love those microwave pouches of brown rice. I throw an egg and whatever leftover veggies are in the crisper in and fry it all up like a cheaties fried rice for a quick lunch. Wishing you & Master SSG a happy Christmas & thanks so much for the connection in 2018. See you, virtually speaking, next year.

  3. Mi Goreng - yum!!! Have to agree with you about green space. I'm very lucky to live near to the waterfront (moreton bay) and it soothes my soul. I love and need nature in order to feel balanced. Fantastic to hear of the good service from Lululemon! It does actually work in their favour because it makes me more likely to purchase from them knowing they have a care factor! Have a wonderful Christmas SSG! xo #TeamLovinLife


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