Dec 30, 2018

Maybe Fridays. Festivus Inbetweenus 2018.

In one photo.

How about you?

I've got Festivus Inbetweenus pretty badly this year.

My new favourite necklace from Elk.  A beautiful gift from my sister in law.

Despite having done time orientating things like going to work and stopping by the library, I still have no idea what the day is.  

Every day feels like Friday at the moment (not that I'm complaining) and they are absolutely stunning maybe Fridays at that.

I've loved this chance to enjoy off the grid, had a bit of a sleep in, Havs all day Sydney while everyone else has left the city for a bit.

I've managed an outdoor run every morning and been there as the sun rose over the beach, the city and the water.  No two mornings have ever been quite the same.  I've also done the unthinkable and veered off my usual running routes to explore a bit of the local area.

McKell Park was a find this week.

It's down the end of Darling Point Road which in itself is an eclectic mix of Agatha Christie churches and mansions, Manhattan style power apartment blocks and terrace houses.

The park is open to the public from 7am until 7pm daily and its grounds are immaculate.

Benches dotted around the small park ensure you'll be in peak physical condition for the hours you may need to spend just watching the view ahead.

Darling Point's ferry stop in front, Clark Island to the right, the Harbour Bridge to the left and a breathtaking backdrop of a lifting haze and a vibrant rose gold sky - why can't all my mornings begin like this for the rest of my life?

Cooking has been suitably low key for me.  I've been roasting broccoli in the oven and topping it with parmesan and balsamic reduction with a bit of grated lemon zest to finish.

Master SSG's birthday cake will be a PG rated version of the famous Chocolate Ripple Cake.

Which we will be eating with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.  This is the new packaging for Streets' version featuring buttermilk and Australian cream. I was sold.

No sweltering summer break would be complete without a trip to Ikea and the chance to build a cushion fortress in between the outdoor furniture displays.  Don't worry, my responsible friends and I did to the right thing by returning the cushions to their respective chairs and before we left.

I left Ikea with this mini device stand for my iPhone.  It's currently living on the kitchen table and was a steal at $2.99.  There is also a larger size in black.

A family trip to Kmart saw me find the perfect wall calendar for work (great quote to begin the year there, Mr Ali) and a new white mug to replace the one I really loved but lost at work last week.

My Grana order from their Black Friday sale arrived and I highly rate their Peruvian cotton Ts.

There are quite a few necklines and sleeve lengths currently available but their tank top version looks to be sold out for now.  The cotton wears beautifully.  It's so soft yet firm to the touch.  

I also got this linen blouse which has a slightly boxy cut.  The neckline doesn't plunge too low and I'm looking forward to wearing it to work.

I'll be off again then, for now.  Back to that languid life of seemingly endless Fridays for just a little bit longer.  I'm not sure exactly when they'll end and I'm in no hurry to find out.

Be well.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful break SSG! :) I was surprised to get a text from my friend yesterday asking if I was coming over still - hadn't realised it was Saturday! The days are blissfully melting together and the weather here has been really nice, not too hot at all, so we've been out and about a lot enjoying it!


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