Jan 15, 2019

In Which I Discover Zanzan, Amongst Other Things.

Hello and good, good morning to you!

Today I bring you my word of the moment (because I'm too commitment-phobic to make it my word for the year)...
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It's a Maltese word that translates to 'the feeling of wearing something special for the first time'.  I just love how 'zanzan' rolls so richly off the tongue, how its letters look.  It's onomatopoeic, even.  

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I know that you know where this is heading.  My embracing the word zanzan has come about as a consequence of my latest of bout of Middleton mania.
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who what wear
Do you feel as much love for Pippa's sunnies as I do?  Both pairs are pitch perfect in that elusive combination of classic and quirky yet luxe without having to resort to strategic logo placement to do so.
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It turns out that one of Pippa's go-to designers for her sunglasses is Zanzan - a British eyewear and accessories label that was co-founded by Megan Trimble (an expat Aussie) and Gareth Townsend.  Their eyewear is handmade in Italy using materials such as hand-polished acetate for the frames.

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The pair I've been stalking are the Le Tabou in tortoise which went on sale recently. 

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This is Laura Bailey, another of my favourite British style icons, wearing the style (indoors but who am I to question details like this) in black.  I also got a further 15% off at checkout bringing the grand total to $120.70 down from the regular price of $374.  Expect a breathless update when they arrive.  Possibly from London where I may well find myself if wearing the Zanzans will make me pick up a new accent, flip my hair into a casually chic updo, make myself a strong mug of tea to sip as I book (and take) that long, long flight...

Meanwhile, from the kitchen benchtops of suburban Sydney, batch cooking for 2019 has begun in earnest.  I've been making Malaysian Chicken Curry.  Not so much making but rather placing several tins and tubes of things into a slow cooker with chicken, vegetables and stock in the manner of this recipe from Homemade Recipes.  The curry as made from the recipe has a soupy rather than gravy-like sauce.  Which made it perfect for me to eat with buttered toast.  Because I'm lazy and eating curry with toast takes me back to my childhood.

The purists may be offended by the decidedly processed approach in the recipe but I was very happy with the taste.  I also snagged the last two tins of Yeo's curry sauce at the supermarket so I guess I'm onto a good thing with it.  It is on the mild side but it does have that heady, complex taste of the Malaysian curries I love.  I added some chilli sauce to serve.

Other things that materialized in the kitchen as the curry cooked: peanut butter baked oats and a stack of sushi rice salads for work.
Moving ever further from the glamours lives of British It Girls, I'm ever so proud of myself for completing a little sewing project the other day...

I didn't sew the shorts from scratch but I did mend a torn seam all on my own.  Without even watching a YouTube video tutorial.  Perhaps I should have but it's all done now.  In the process, I think I've figured out what those pretty pearlescent headed pins are for.   It was one of those better late than never a-ha moments.

On Sunday, the planets aligned.  I managed to clock off from work just before lunch.  Two words.  Afternoon run.  Seven more words.  How beautiful is Sydney in the summer?  I took myself up that hill to Darling Point Road, a part of Sydney I find endlessly fascinating.  It's the contrasts of the various epochs of architecture of our relatively young nation that just come at you if you choose to look up (or away from your damn phone) while you're moving along on foot or by car.  And all around these buildings (and The Bridge) are trees that rustle reassuringly overhead.

Then it was down a steep hill to Rushcutter's and the adjoining cricket ground.

I'm usually a (very early) morning runner and it was exhilarating in a flushed and sweaty kind of way to be revisiting familiar routes under the afternoon sun.  Through lashings of sunscreen.  I don't ever forget the sunscreen these days.

An apres run drink with my feet up in the backyard that needs a bit of attention.

A solid starter tan gleaned from said run and a mozzie bite.  Not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

I'm on the home stretch to a bit of annual leave.  In the meantime, I'm doing everything I can to spare myself a serious injury.  Do you struggle with lowering the seats on office chairs?  I have a habit of falling off them or skidding across a room while fiddling with the levers and forgetting that I need to keep my feet firmly on the ground.  This week, I did things a little differently and close the office door before attempting any adjustments.  The closed door serves two purposes: it ensured I didn't have far to skid as I flew along on the runaway chair and it also saved me from the potential embarrassment of anyone outside seeing me faceplant as I fell off the chair.

Be well and talk soon.

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