Jan 14, 2019

Life This Week 14/1/2019: Intentions.

Looking back on my summer posts, I don't think there's anything left to adore.  The sense of celebration palpable in the air, the change of pace, the traffic, the weather, the downtime, the family time, the me time.  I've covered it all at least once over the last few weeks.

Everything except the sense of clarity all this time has given me.  I've had time to both reflect on the year just gone as well as to establish some kind of approach for the year ahead.  I'm not a resolution person but I want to become a 'you only have one life to live' person.  

Which all sounds great but how to go about it?

I will make each day count.  Even the trying ones.  They're sent to teach us about ourselves and to make us stronger.

I will repurpose and try to resist the lure of cheap eventual landfill purchases.  Except for Coles Mini Shops.  I can't help but change my shopping habits every time a new collection launches.

I will continue to find the joy in the world around me.

And its colour.  

I will jump in those puddles rather than complain bitterly about local flooding and leaking rooves.  Actually, I take that back, I probably will continue to complain the moment I walk home after jumping in those puddles...

I will enjoy the simple pleasures of games played with Master SSG.

I will not lose my sense of awe in the world around me.

Both that which we have created and that which has been entrusted to us to protect and conserve.

I will make my vote count.  And quite possibly enjoy the sausage sizzle afterwards.  I hope the catering for the upcoming election will be nothing short of 11/10.  Heaven knows, the electorates of Australia deserve at least this after everything we've been put through.

I will remember to water my herbs.

I won't 'save' my 'good' things for 'special occasions'.  Every day is a special occasion.

Not only will I treasure my family and the time I have with them, but I will also tell them as much at every opportunity.

I'll also drink more peppermint tea than black just before bed.  It'll help me get a better night's sleep.

I will continue to enjoy my morning runs but also be kind to my joints in the offseason.  I will make sure that I have offseasons.

Activewear.  Lululemon.  Enough said.

I will continue to explore the world.  Yes, I know, it's not really exploring if its travelling for work and spending your free time abroad doing what you do at home but still.  This is me we're talking about...

I will continue to say that prayer of thanks every time I see home from the window of the plane.  Home is where I belong at the end of my travels.  It is a place, a state of mind, a feeling in my heart.

What are your intentions for 2019?  Do you have resolutions for it?


  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful plan for your year ahead SSG! I hope you achieve all of your intentions, they sound really good!

  2. Just beautiful SSG! I'm inspired by so many of your intentions and will be borrowing some of them, no make that all of them. We do only have one life so we need to make it count. You've made my Monday morning and filled me with inspiration and motivation. Thank you! I'm off to look for some puddles to jump in although in Queensland rain has been in short supply! Have a great week! xx

  3. Just beautiful. Yes, never lose your sense of awe & as far as I'm concerned, travelling for work still counts - as long as you see more than the office & the hotel room! And we absolutely deserve the democracy sausage with the works this year!

  4. Love that pic of you exploring the world. The pool. Very cool! And the cockies. Gotta love cockies

    Now come and add to my 50 before 50 list. Can't wait to see what you dream up for me

  5. What a delightful read SSG, I really enjoyed reading of your intentions and wish you well! I love jumping in puddles too :) #lifethisweek

  6. Love this. I like finding colour too.

  7. I love this post SSG! I think your intentions are all achieveable and they sound lovely for the year ahead! That last one especially resonated with me :)

  8. Excellent intentions, SSG! Make every day count, do what you enjoy, and 365 days later, you can look back and say it's a wonderful year and a wonderful life. #lifethisweek

  9. I will have to remember the peppermint tea before bed! Something about it is so soothing.

  10. That was a beautiful read SSG. I love that early Sydney light too. Using the good things! Yes. We have no "good things" any more. Our wedding present to us in 1971 from a gift of money is our decision to use it as every day china from 2015 : Mikasa is just the best. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 2/51. Next week's optional prompt is Best Gift Ever 21.1.19. Denyse


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