Jan 21, 2019

Life This Week 21/1/2019: SSG Is Out Of Office.

Yee ha!!!

My out of office email is live.  The calendar and diary pages have been flipped forward to the date of my return (do you do that too?).  I've tappity tapped down that lino-ed corridor towards home for the last time until sometime in February.  My (relatively) formal clothes and shoes for work have been put away.  I've stopped looking at the clock as often as usual.

What lies ahead is a fortnight with a lot more free hours than ones that are accounted for.  I'll be exploring the great outdoors, lounging around with a good book or two, having some much-needed family time and most importantly ... pressing pause on my much loved but sometimes tiring everyday life.

It often takes me a few days to get into the zone and I like to kick off that first day off with a morning window shopping.  The kind of morning I used to have quite often before child.  I still like the getting out and about and people watching elements of a morning out at the shops but the actual shopping bit isn't quite as appealing as it was way back when.  I'm more mindful about what I buy these days and I dither a lot more than I used to.  Unless I'm on holiday in the US somewhere in which case all bets are off.  But getting back to the point.  I had a lovely morning out, saw the sights, stretched my legs and am now well and truly in a vacay state of mind.

These sequinned pyjamas caught my eye in the window of Peter Alexander.  So much going on, so much to love... on the mannequin.  It all looks a bit too scratchy to sleep in.

Regent Place on George Street is one of my favourite places to explore.  It's a celebration of the diversity of contemporary South East Asian food and lifestyle (one and the same thing, to be honest, speaking as an Australian Singaporean).  In the basement level food court, there's a pair of vending machines dispensing Japanese favourites with the prices in Yen and a handy conversion chart so you can actually pay with Australian dollars.

I've got rainbows on the brain today.  First, those sequinned pyjamas and then this Rainbow Mountain Blend version of Japanese iced coffee.

I do like the sound of a cute girl and a bad boy...  I wonder where the arrow will lead them to?

I am intrigued by these Japanese desserts.  They're on the list to try with Master SSG.  Ice cream and red beans appear to be sandwiched between freshly made hot cakes in a variety of flavours.

The Uncle Tetsu's juggernaut has seen the arrival of taro and green tea cheesecakes since the last time I was here.  My eyes are perpetually bigger than my stomach these days so I can't report back on the new flavours.

There's a Daiso in the basement at Regent Place too.   Above are the assorted items mum wanted me to buy for her.

I'm blindly optimistic that the worst of the heat is behind us and the chocolate gifts I bought from Haigh's will keep in the bottom of the coolest cupboards of the house until they're needed.  Plan B is the advice a sales assistant at the store gave me.  The chocolate can be wrapped in a towel and then refrigerated if it comes to that.

Muji's knack for making domestic life look like minimalist art never gets old.

These chic bunnies were so hard to resist at Miniso.

They're one step away from buying Hot Cross Buns in January, aren't they?

Meh.  Whatever.  I bought a dove grey bunny and she's now on my new backpack.  I'm deferring to Master SSG's superior stuffed toy naming skills.  I'll let you know what her name is when he decides.

Interestingly, I didn't buy anything outside of the Chinatown area today.  I had all this time and a list but nothing ticked all the boxes.  I am mulling over this perfume though.  I'm so proud of myself for not buying it online despite deciding that it was The One after about half a glass of lunchtime champagne.  It's a Le Labo one, the infamous Rose 31.  Have you tried it?  Its got allure and mystery about it and they are both excellent attributes in a scent as far as I'm concerned.

Be good while I'm away!

See you when I see you,



  1. Oh I've heard a lot about those Japanese hotcakes - Not Quite Nigella had a review of that place the other day. I love a good Daiso haul and have yet to try an Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake, I don't have the patience for the queues! Hope you have a wonderful break! See you on the other side! x

  2. All good scents should have mystery and allure IMHO. Enjoy your break and I'm with you re watching the city wake up - one of life's pleasures.

  3. There is nothing quite like the last day of work before a holiday and yes I used to turn my calendar forward to my return. Have a fabulous couple of weeks of relaxation and doing more of what you want. Thanks for the tour of Regent Place, the vending machines took me back to our recent visit to Japan. Have a great week SSG! xx

  4. I am loving that sequin blazer, although I certainly wouldn't be wearing it to sleep in either! Enjoy your well earned holiday SSG! :)

  5. Have a fantastic time. Sounds like you're off to a relaxing start. It goes by all too quickly though.

  6. Woohoo! Holidays sound amazing. I am a tad envious as I'm already exhausted - barely a month into work! I'm looking forward to the long weekend. Enjoy the rest of your break - looking forward to seeing al lthat you explore

  7. I wish you well as you tippety tap your way into your holidays! Enjoy. #lifethisweek

  8. That read so well...I can feel the vacay in your words and photos. I hope the time off and away brings you great joy. Feb will be hard yards but isn't it always?

    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek and the optional prompt for next time is: 4/51. What Is Hope? 28/1/19. Denyse


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