Jan 10, 2019

Lovin' Life 10/1/2019: The Return of My Mug.

Miracles do happen.

My favourite mug has found its way back home to my office.

I spotted it as I walked past the work kitchen Monday morning, casually waiting for me by the edge of the sink as if the last three weeks of life without it had never happened.  Sure, someone tried to eat a meat pie with it character acting as a bowl (!!) but once I got past that (literally with several tablespoonsful of washing up liquid) it was in perfect condition.  I took it home and bleached it overnight, ran it through the dishwasher and voila!  Everything is now right with my office.

Why do I love this mug so?

Where do I begin?  While it is only a mug, it holds a special place in my heart as well as literally holding some of the most life-sustaining drinks of my day.  I'm not a pet person, but if I were, I think it's safe to say that the magnitude of love I would have for my hypothetical dog (sorry, not a cat person...) would be in the region of what I currently feel for this mug.

I bought it on sale at the Myer up the road from where I was working in my first 'boss' role in Liverpool.  It was a year of firsts, nerves, adventure and friendships.  A trip down the road from work to the shops was always a sign that things were under control at the mothership, that all was well.  I have fond memories of the Oliver Brown store and its dark chocolate mochas, Priceline, Aldi and of course Schnitz...

Bringing it back to the mug.  I cannot fault a single thing about it.  It makes everything taste better.  I suspect it holds twice the volume (at least) of your average mug.  It's got a sturdy handle and a substantiality to it that soothes me as I sip a Moccona from it at the start of the working day and green tea at lunch.  It was from the Maxwell Williams brand and I haven't seen anything similar to it in their current range at Myer.  It is literally irreplaceable.

How strongly attached are you to the china at work?  Does your work supply it or is it BYO like mine?


  1. When I worked in an office I always brought my own cup to work. These days my office is my home & I have one cup for my pot of tea in the morning, and another that I drink teabags out of during the work day - almost as if it was my work mug. Weird, I know. I still can't get over someone using it to eat a meat pie, and I totally get the relief of those lunchtime trips out of the office as a sign that everything is under control.

  2. That's one very stylish looking mug SSG! I'm so glad it found its way back to you. I've noticed I've become very fussy over what I will drink my coffee out of these days. I like a 'thin' lip on a mug. Don't do thick mugs anymore. Who am I? lol #TeamLovinLife

  3. I have two favourite mugs that I always use. However, this Christmas my grandsons gave me a new one so that might become my favourite. A special mug just makes everything taste better doesn't it? Happy New Year, SSG and I look forward to reading more of your blog in 2019. #teamlovinlife

  4. Yay for the perfect mug SSG, it looks stylish and functional, and obvioiusly well loved x

  5. I used to have a cup I used for work for years and someone borrowed it and I never saw it again. I wasn't quite as attached to it though.

    I think I have a few cups I use at home like that. I've got 2 or 3 (can't remember and I'm at my mum's and not at my place) big thick heavy mexican style glasses I bought in 1992 that I love. At least one has been broken (though maybe two now I think about it). They're very faithful though and even though they're just things I'd miss them if / when they're gone. (Am sure to eventually break the remaining ones, though guess they've lasted over 25yrs which is pretty good!)

  6. I have a couple of work mugs which I am quite attached to - one with a lid so it stays clean inside between work days and the other from one of my daughters. I’m not a communal cup person. But I still think I love my dog more 😜🐶. Emma

  7. That is so cool. I have my fork that I use at work at lunch. Nobody messes with it. #lovinlifelinky

  8. I saw the meat pie thing on insta! I'm like, who does that?!
    I have attachments to some of my mugs. Once Chelsea gave me (she had a matching one). The first gift Tahlia ever gave me was a mug she chose at the tender age of 3. The mug my bestie Cathy hand painted for me with "We'll Always Have Santa Fe" written on it (in memory of our trip to Santa Fe). The rabbit mug my dad gave me when I was in hospital getting my appendix out as a teen (coz he'd accidentally dropped my Easter bunny mug). I'd be devo if any of that stuff got broken, lost or had pies eaten out of them.

    Bottom line - I totally get the love for your mug.

  9. This blog was... how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks!

  10. I have one mug that I use at home, now that I am retired. Hubby, on the other hand, uses about 6!


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